Love Poems

Me, you and him When we are us There is me and you I am the you-me And you the me-you When you are them There is him and you He is the you-him And you the him-you How can I be jealous of a them tha…

Source: Love Poems


Hobson’s Choice

Silence me you feel you must

Telling tolled the freedom bell

Stop my tongue remove my trust

Quietly descend to hell

Wordlessly I meet your gaze

Nothing reasoned I can say

Welcome me to end of days

Ask but I refuse to play

Piper paid with dirty cash

Music for a masquerade

Man or mouse all hope you dash

Worst of plans so careless laid

Democrat without a voice

People left with Hobson’s choice

Somewhat Queer

Happy when you’re here

Good to have a friend

Feeling somewhat queer

Which will never mend

Drink or maybe two

Propping up the bar

Fun I have with you

Near and yet so far

You cannot be mine

Love but not like that

Now is never time

Leaves my ego flat

Straight the narrow path

Free of any kink

Not my other half

Hearts are not in sync

He hollowed out the emptiness

And put it on one side

Subtracted all that made him less

The self was in divide

Impossible what has been done

And yet it’s clear to see

He seems to now be more than one

The prisoner so free

Unlocked the chains around his heart

Which bound the soul with hate

Removed the darkest heavy part

To reach euphoric state

His emptiness is inner space

A place to draw a breath

And at the end the human race

Is angel born in death

Love and War

So long apart forgotten the delight

The war of words has crumbled in my sheets

The running battle by a kiss was stilled

Exhausted head upon the breast that beats

His eyes they didn’t shine so bright before

But in my bed he lit the way back home

And in his tangle found myself released

His arms that feel as they’re mine to own

We lose an hour then an hour more

And in the loss of time we find a start

For he is on my bed and on my mind

My name I will tattoo upon his heart

The war is over let the love begin

I fought and lost and yet somehow I win


My heart was taken gently for a ride

And lulled to sleep not noticing your way

You stifled dreams by smothering my pride

When I awoke there wasn’t much to say

Assumed that you for me would be the one

So high the price that you would have me pay

No conscience in things that have been done

To slyly fox me in the light of day

If you had only asked you’d have it all

For love is sharing, never holding back

But you preferred to play me for a fool

My heart of gold was by you beaten black

You did not steal my hope although you tried

My beaten heart still beats for me inside