Love Poems

Me, you and him When we are us There is me and you I am the you-me And you the me-you When you are them There is him and you He is the you-him And you the him-you How can I be jealous of a them tha…

Source: Love Poems



A river urging onward to the shore

The banks a prison stop it flowing free

The force so natural surging in my vein

Restrained I could not choose what I would be

My course was dammed you would not brook my dream

But I will flood convention and destroy

My rocky bed was not what you desire

And you no longer thirst that I enjoy

I am the sea my heart now saline washed

My ocean just a drop in your disdain

My flow won’t ebb so dry the pointless stream

My passing will allow you to remain

And if you ever think upon that spring

Just know I don’t regret the falling in

Blurred Lines

Democracy has fallen to the ground

And no one has the time to put it right

So busy each of us must rush around

While liberty’s removed from common sight

The bell that tolls for me a siren wail

And peace is symbolised by holding gun

No coup de grâce as freedom’s left to fail

And right becomes the view of only one

Totalitarian yet I remain

Unease becomes a part of my routine

My silence isn’t easy to explain

I look but I won’t say what I have seen

I’m independent see how I observe

The line was drawn but see how it has blurred

Coffee in a street café

Noodles piping hot

Spice of life variety

Thanks for what I’ve got

Simple pleasure I have learnt

Road to happy life

Stomach full and share a smile

Free of care and strife

Sunday morning shady street

Time to sit and think

In this world are many who

Lack both food and drink

Purpose of my poem is

Celebrate the small

What you have is better than

Not having at all

Feed the world and we canhave

Water flowing free

Human rights will give to us

Peace and dignity


Blue was clouded

Muddied up

Shine became so matt

View was shrouded

Covered up

World so sudden flat

Space not crowded

Emptied out

Nothing near or far

Yet some how did

Conquer doubt

Wished upon a star

The Dawn of the Everyman

The clouds had cast their net across the sky

To catch my sun and stop its early rise

And weather done by god knows who or why

A beauty hit me square between the eyes

It dawned on me as yellow orange red

Of morning smeared quite natural yet so high

That I could stay forever in my head

And never question what has gone awry

The truth is an observer not a star

This bed I’ve made is where I constant lie

I’m here but I’m not going very far

A second rate and very Cold War spy

Yet beauty finds the everyman at last

So clear the cloudy peel away the mask


Contemplating all I never was

Reflecting on the paths I didn’t take

Cogitating what and if because

Perception of the self is what’s at stake

Steps I’ve taken wonder were they go

A merry dance that somehow landed here

Worry in my head and yet I know

That nothing can be worse than what I fear

Time to put a stop to all this thought

Procrastinating traps us in the mind

Clear my head and take a little a walk

The joy of not quite sure what I might find

All I never was will never be

And thus I am a human being me