Love Poems

Me, you and him When we are us There is me and you I am the you-me And you the me-you When you are them There is him and you He is the you-him And you the him-you How can I be jealous of a them tha…

Source: Love Poems



The rain is coming soon

To wash away the dust

And all will be renewed

And once again I’ll trust

The dry was in my mouth

It took away my voice

But when the river floods

Again I’ll state my choice

So now I sit and wait

I watch for heavy cloud

The past must be destroyed

Then future is allowed

The coming storm will break

And I will leave the shell

And in the fresh I’ll start

My wander to the well


My sleep is like the desert rain

My pillow bony dry

And so I look into the dark

And then I wonder why

So tired and yet the sands don’t rest

In thought I am enmeshed

My thirst is psychological

I cannot be refreshed

Imagine if the rain would fall

I’d see the desert bloom

The sunlight would awaken me

A flood within my room

By slumber I’m deserted and

My bed is sleepless hell

And parched I see the dawning

Like the sands without a well


Too tired to cry too sad to laugh

She sits and waits no expectation

Too young to be without a dream

Her life is tendered resignation

One night she gave up all she had

Too high the cost of assignation

Not knowing there’s no second chance

With man who only loved libation

So many months have passed since then

And soon will finish her gestation

The swollen woman left behind

To bear the weight of his creation

Into a world not innocent

Unwanted and unloved relation

The child protesting at its fate

With howling cry of indignation

The memory

In difference we are similar

Unique is commonplace

But I remember all of you

How time had lined your face

The moment was an age ago

But memory is fresh

The conversation to and fro

The thoughts allowed to mesh

We passed and life it parted us

We both have travelled far

And yet I feel you here with me

And I am where you are

In distance we are ever close

I feel your eyes meet mine

And though each moment is unique

We’re never lost in time


Empty street is where I’m driving

Destination still unknown

Traffic light on path less taken

Far away and yet I’m home

I remember life before was

Roundabout and indirect

So I ran and left you standing

Taking just my self respect

Many ask me how I manage

Solitary on my way

But no longer in confinement

Freedom has a price to pay

Onward journey I’m departing

Ever moving never still

Won’t be numbed in colder comfort

Driven by an iron will