Love Poems

Me, you and him When we are us There is me and you I am the you-me And you the me-you When you are them There is him and you He is the you-him And you the him-you How can I be jealous of a them tha…

Source: Love Poems



That traveller I never met

The one who wasn’t there on time

I wonder if he got there yet

Or did he find another line

As opportunity unknocked

And conversations never shared

With any future contact blocked

I’ll never know how well he fared

A universe in parallel

The one where he arrives on time

The friends who get along so well

That in his hands I’m placing mine

The what if maybe never was

And life is as it is because

My coffee

My coffee iced and feeling cool

The sun so hot I seek the shade

A wiser man would not be fooled

But stupidly mistakes are made

My coffee sweet and sticky brew

The waste of time I have to spare

So much in life I will not do

Direction missed and I don’t care

My coffee drunk and still I sit

I wait for what I do not know

I wonder if I’ll ever fit

To leave I must have place to go

My coffee empty cup is empty now

And life moves on someway somehow

The taste of Vietnam

I’m sitting all alone in a café

The morning air already warm on skin

The coffee like the sun both hot and strong

I wait for my adventure to begin

So far away and yet I’m only here

I say I roll and moss is not for me

The travel endless wonders to be seen

But no one in this life is truly free

The price I pay is weighed in solitude

Reflection of a thousand navels mine

Surrender not my restless liberty

And I will never cease while there is time

Today I taste the morning somewhere else

Another of the thousands by myself

Someone Else

He slipped one fateful day

A someone else revealed

In tight embrace the twist

Was all his hurt was healed

This different did not fit

In predetermined space

And seeing who he was

Was much too great to face

And so he slipped away

Let love be lost to fear

His push directed shove

To one who held him near

He couldn’t help himself

And hurt his someone else


A heavy heart for love’s not taken light

My burden is to make for you a space

Where you can be in sensual delight

A world of magic beautifully placed

My heavy hands feel clumsy in their task

To delicately weave the dreams of night

But with your eyes reflected and unmasked

You paint me in a very different light

So heavy set an ordinary man

You find in me the strengths that I cannot

You reassure and hold me in your gaze

Reminding me of all that I forgot

This heavy love so earthy and profound

For in the depths is where our love was found


Superficial life and soul

The anybody’s friend

Laughing drinking buying rounds

The happy without end

In the morning wakes alone

There’s nobody to see

Lonely doubting throwing up

How empty life can be

Hope one day he tries to change

He really shouldn’t hide

Sobriety would show that he

Is beautiful inside

Sweet and Sour

Moments separate us

Moments till we meet

Moments to be sharing

Anticipation sweet

Soon we could be equals

Soon we’ll take a step

Soon becomes a future

Which hasn’t happened yet

Now I go to meet you

Now it is the time

Now could be forever

If I could make you mine

Reduced me to an extra

Reduced the night to hour

Reduced to a spectator

Reality was sour