Love Poems

Me, you and him When we are us There is me and you I am the you-me And you the me-you When you are them There is him and you He is the you-him And you the him-you How can I be jealous of a them tha…

Source: Love Poems



The leaf didn’t fall

It stayed

The branch didn’t let

It go

The tree didn’t die

It lived

And you seem to love

Me so

If you are the tree

Am I

The leaf that you don’t

Let go

If you are the love

I need

Then hold me till I

I know

I’ve fallen but not

This time

I’m held and it feels

So good

So sturdy and safe

From harm

Knew that one day

You would


In being only his I am myself

Not sharing makes this specialty unique

I saw a man and stepped down from shelf

He answers all the questions that I seek

In being only him he is divine

Simplicity and strength within his smile

Imperfect yet we fit when we combine

I want this to continue for a while

In being only what we’re born to be

We bring such happiness upon our heads

And others disapprove or disagree

But why are they concerned about our beds

In being only human we’re the same

And love is not a source of guilt and shame

Tied Up In Nots

Sitting in the park in the dark not holding hands

Kissing you so sweet so complete not saying no

Talking on your bed so much said not making love

Holding in the night really tight not letting go

Falling into love hand in glove not knowing how

Evening we first met can’t forget knot ties us now

No matter

My orbit isn’t centred where you are

For in my universe you seem so small

My revolution’s fixed on distant star

Another body has me in its thrall

I’ll leave and travel far in outer space

Regretting nothing trusting in my heart

And on arrival there will be a face

The one that calls my name across the dark

Energy so constant in its flow

Tomorrow will not matter I was here

The other will be all you want to know

And from your thoughts I’ll slowly disappear

I know that when I meet him we will shine

The light will carry on through space and time

Lots and Yards

My yard was not the place I found my joy
Though happily I played there as a boy
With neighbours’ children running wild and free
The way a youth is really meant to be
The mirror that I held up to my face
Was in a far off land but any place
Could be the moment you decide to see
The who you are and who you’d like to be
I’m happy drifting I don’t have no plan
I’m not relaxed I’m not sure that I can
But I have made my peace and now I sit
And savour every moment being it
Perfection is a goal I can’t attain
Contented with my lot is where I aim


Flood me I am arid for your love

Plain but I am beauty in your sight

Rain you fall on me with avid lust

Parched I drink of you in desert night

Fill my emptiness until I brim

Washed in your desire see me well

Peak my trough and I will have my fill

Ebb your flow until I am in swell

Whet like appetite I crave you more

Deep in love I’ll take all that you give

Hunger, raging thirst my mouth you quench

Without water how’s a man to live

Once and once again I drink you in

Love so carnal yet so free of sin