B Flat

Radio clock alarm buzzing through paper thin pink patterned wallFraternal thump of snooze button signalling the start
The quick quick slow of the morning foxtrot
I don’t want to be late for school again
As I lurch off springless mattress that sighs like depressed cardboard
Thundering down terrace staircase the wildebeest boy
Ending stuck on cork kitchen floor
Feet sickly slow peeling like a reprieved fly
Waiting for unreliable toaster to announce my mechanical breakfast
And then war with brick hard butter
Grinding steel into china
Toast fragments in the ensuing carnage
Peanut buttered operation a bodged success
The Russell Hobbs red dry thud of the steaming kettle signals dad is present
Which dehumanising quip would whip from those eloquent lips
The laziness of the young
The how much homework haven’t you done
Or the your hair is an outraged chrysanthemum
Parental mean time sounded
I chewed with concrete mixer vigour
Before rethundering the stairs
My brother still doing the snooze button Bossa Nova
A strain of a YKK zip and a triumphant sigh
Polyester trousers beating big boned boy into uniform
Would I be quick or slowed as I was nearly out the door
The peacock plum pronunciation that could not be ignored
The car choking in the frosty morn
Push! The car coaxed gently while I complied to sterner tone
Dry cough dry cough never ending dry coughs until final fully phlegmed roar
Dropped silently at school gate
Teacher doesn’t ask why I arrive after the braying hoards
Just informs himself car needed a push and looks up
The first concern of my morning in the key of B flat

NaPoWriMo day 18 – the sound of home


Author: thepoetautist

A Gay poet of fifty odd years who is currently living in Cambodia.

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