Today I Will Smile At You

Just yesterday my role was quite defined
I had my place to sit my lines to say
The fractures in my day were all assigned
For travel, food and work and even play
But now I am director of my fate
I have no task that must be done right now
Such freedom that can’t quite contemplate
For I decide what when and who and how
At some point I could put a kettle on
Because I find myself at ten in bed
A coffee switches mind and body on
Might help me focus on my day ahead
A pot or just the instant quick and bland
I’ve Java but it seems like too much fuss
My lethargy is getting out of hand
I have to fight this sense of purposeless
This day I will improve somebody’s life
I’ll wash and eat and leave my bed behind
I’ll smile at folk and try and ease their strife
My purpose for today is to be kind
Because I know that when a smile I see
It lifts my heart that others notice me


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