Taller just a touch you are than me
I like the way it feels that first embrace
I sense your arms reach out to me enfold
I watch a softness conquering your face.
And later when our height is levelled flat
And intimacy gives us space to be
I like to hold you looser knowing that
Our bond transcends the physicality
There is no place for you within my world
We are a class apart or maybe two
But life is not what happens all the time
And this is outside life it’s me and you
The others we might hurt know what’s the score
There’s ethic to this sin that we commit
Though love is never simple when it’s raw
As you and I we seem the perfect fit
But in the greater scheme an island we
Two lovers with an hour here and there
You have a man, a love, a home, a life
I travel light and free of every care
Let’s seize the moment taste the wine and drink
The paths in life we cross are such surprise
Tomorrow isn’t ours to plan, don’t think
Just kiss me and look down into my eyes


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