Kyson’s Point

The mud of tidal rivers is besmirched upon my heart
The promise of the sea that can be smelt so far inland
The eastern coast that looks like it will crumble into brine
But like the tide I’m going to be washed up on new shore
More restless than the ceaseless to and froing of the creek
I’ll venture forth with scant idea of what may lie ahead
A different love a landscape new a place to wonder at
The world so rich in beauty with its bounty to explore
My roomy heart is ocean so I do not fear the new
A catalogue of joyous times to clutter up my chest
My only treasure sapphires that will shine out of my head
For when I die I hope that I will want for nothing more
A beggar with a muddy heart who never stopped for long
A citizen of everywhere for nowhere I belong


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