So you to me aren’t everything for I’m not built that way
A magpie draws on anything he sees and feels around
And whilst I love you dearly and that love grows every day
My life is rich and so is yours with treasures that we’ve found
The friends who I share time with shouldn’t worry you too much
We talk and laugh and I believe their lives enhance my own
The tender warm advances can’t compare to how you touch
My gypsy soul is in your heart you soothe my ache for home
So when you see the eagle soaring freely in the sky
I know you wouldn’t clip his wings denying him the flight
If we are birds of paradise who live so free and high
We have to give each other space when we are out of sight
But nights we stay together we’ll make love until the morn
So fly your nest and we will sing our hearts out to the dawn


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