Won’t drain you of your manhood with a sticky little paw
The pride in your virility quite frankly is a bore
The nothing that’s on offer seems to leave you wanting more
But hypermasculinity is something I abhor
Emotional intelligence is something that you lack
I’m looking for a man whose man enough to love me back
You think that love is something you express when in the sack
Your mind is very narrow and it only has one track
So funny how you swagger how you like to strike a pose
Perhaps you’re less ridiculous when you remove your clothes
You’re looking for a conquest but I won’t be one of those
Your body won’t align with mine for we are juxtaposed
The beauty you possess is like a covering of skin
I looked inside but there was nothing beautiful within


Author: thepoetautist

A Gay poet of fifty odd years who is currently living in Cambodia.

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