I’m inside out and upside down I’ve lost the fucking plot
My purpose has been washed away I’m drifting on the tide
And being sure of nothing is the only thing I’ve got
Suspect my time is up and it’s the ending of the ride
My ship has sailed my life has failed I flounder as I speak
You’re staring from the harbour with a look of disbelief
I guess like me you can’t conceive the havoc that I wreak
The cord you cut so long ago a source of some relief
I wonder if another man has done the same as I
The final trip a fatal slip that drop into the sea
A ship was wrecked when all that I had wanted was to fly
The anchor I despised would be a safety net for me
I’m drowning in the depths my life is far from what I sought
But so much fun was had by being nothing that I ought


Author: thepoetautist

A Gay poet of fifty odd years who is currently living in Cambodia.

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