Oh my god I hate you, you are such a stupid bitch
Forcing me to scratch myself where I don’t want to itch
You’re so sanctimonious I wish that you would die
OK that’s a tad extreme perhaps just lose an eye
“Sweetie you’re unhappy have you thought what that might be?”
Yes I have, it’s you when you are patronising me
Judge me all you like but I’m just having a bad day
Sure it would improve if you’d just move out of the way
“Asia is frustrating if you don’t go with the flow
If you are autistic this is not the place to go”
Can’t believe you said that, have I thought about Berlin?
You don’t even know me please refrain from butting in
Ask me in for cosy chat and then you twist the knife
Think you’re being helpful but you’re adding to the strife
I will be alright, dear god it’s only been a week
Give me time to settle, time at least to find my feet
Really I don’t hate you but I hate the things you say
Maybe things you do as well and silly games you play
I suppose you think that you’re a lovely kind of gal
Praps you are but trust me we are never gonna gel
Spare me all your views in which you’re woman oh so wise
Got autistic relatives, well done you want a prize?
Lay it on the line I really don’t care what you think
Talking so much garbage I’m surprised that you don’t stink
Rant is over how I needed just to vent my spleen
Secret words I’d never say for I am not that mean


Author: thepoetautist

A Gay poet of fifty odd years who is currently living in Cambodia.

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