White House Blues

They want to turn the White House blue
It seems a little odd
A pointless empty thing to do
But I must not complain
To raise awareness of my plight
My mind was touched by god
A gift, a curse, a second sight
That makes life less mundane
I live upon a spectrum broad
I’m at the gifted end
They say my mind is somewhat flawed
But I think I am fine
The gifts I have are quite unique
And messages I send
May not contain the truth you seek
And narrowly define
But if you deal in absolute
And miss the filigree
Your view becomes a little moot
A cudgel that you beat
Pedantic or just very clear
The detail devils me
So listen if you want to hear
A voice that’s quite discreet
Your house it can be any shade
Of red or white or blue
Respect the way that I am made
Is all you have to do


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