More is maybe less

I want more or maybe less with you
More demands the body, mind and soul
Less might be the truth to make me whole
What we have right now will never do
Let’s be honest what are we about
Meeting of the minds when two is one
Just a moment’s superficial fun
Talk the truth and let’s remove the doubt
I could live without you easily
Though you brighten every single day
Independence always was my way
Do you feel the same regarding me
Bright your love like fever in your eye
Desperate in your all or nothing plan
Want me I’m the one and only man
Held so tight it makes me wonder why
Loose your grip or you will find me lost
Set me free and I might seek your nest
Choice is when you see me at my best
Bonds are almost never worth the cost
How I yearn for you when we’re apart
Breathing space so we don’t suffocate
Thoughts of you bring me ecstatic state
Now I’m free to offer you my heart


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