Let it be

You've put your faith in Jesus. Christ that seems a little odd.
A man who died so long ago. They nailed him to a cross.
Devoutly trust humanity, I don't believe in god.
My life's completely secular for I am my own boss.
You bow your head in deference while mine is always high.
A proudly sinful man who knows this life is all I get.
And if you think that after life's rewarded in the sky,
That's your belief not mine, so let's not get ourselves upset.
I am quite content for you to lose your self in quiet prayer,
But you desire my saving from the earthy clutch of lust
We both are on our knees and find a man to worship there
So why can't we just co-exist as strangers in the dust
I drink and I will fornicate but don't you pray for me.
Your dogma bite is not required so why not let it be


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