You echo still

Familiar and yet not

Expected and yet not

Not yet

Not yet familiar

Still unexpected

You, still and yet not


Work: Love

A bit of an abyss

Profound was lost in dark

Evaporated bliss

The man without an ark

The day it grinds me raw

The mill is mine to tread

I wonder what it’s for

This living almost dead

But you are in my dreams

And sometimes in my bed

So nothing’s what it seems

If you aren’t in my head

It’s time I turned around

For you is where I’m found


They took my eccentricity

The quintessential soul of me

Defining abnormality

Began aspergeration

So not for me a life mundane

A strange and lonely new terrain

A syndrome with another’s name

Became my destination

Kaleidoscopic into view

Disordered spectrum’s tainted hue

Amazing what the doctors do

Unwanted recreation

The reworking of an earlier poem


Awake and yet I slumber

Alarm unheard I’m living number

Machine I am not being

Alert and with my eyes unseeing

Reality is garbled

My sanity was lost like marbles

Apology of human

Acted out but not my doing

A wake for all is dying

The truth before me now left lying

Everything pretended

This farce of living now has ended

Communication Breakdown

Who are you forgetting me

Message in bottle sent

Thought like waves across the sea

Written words you never meant

Where are you belonging now

Sharing all I gifted you

Want to stop my longing how

Changing isn’t what I do

Why did constant come to end

Can forever never last

Like a book to freely lend

Future from disrupted past

Question you don’t give your word

All the silence I have heard


I teeter on the edge yet never fallen

A streetcar named me liar as I looked

I live my life a stoic close to heaven

Pretending that emotion has no hook

Perfection is not something deep and dirty

And marble hard will never yielding give

So life will never touch and never hurt me

For I am truly not allowed to live

If only I was carved into perfection

But I am not statue from a stone

I am weak and I have sought protection

And look me so cold and so alone

I want to reach and hold but I am frightened

I wonder who would catch me if I fall

To feel my heart just once a little lightened

To answer to the voices I hear call