My inner space so when did you appear
Intruder uninvited on my plane
For lonely gripped my fingers in your sphere
Your angle’s not conducive to my aim
A vacuum mother nature does abhor
But I am not your mother little boy
And you plus me’s not what my line is for
So I’ll divide and leave remainder joy
Subtracting you negates the need to cry
The algebra of love’s insanity
My x will never equal, don’t ask why
We shoud not meet until infinity
An integer still single in my prime
What matters is I have my space in time


If all my dreams are avenues I’ve walked
I hope the final turning brings me peace
If all my thoughts are conversations talked
The puzzle solved could win me my release
If all I have imagined could be real
My dreams would lie prosaic on the floor
If all the wonder isn’t what I feel
Then magic won’t be found here anymore
If all the truth I’m given is a lie
Those dusty dreams are trampled under feet
If all that I can do is wonder why
I guess my life will never feel replete
But if you dream and wonder what will be
You might just be the piece completing me

On The Throne

I sent a little missive asking her for some advice
The psycho bitch from hell decides to copy in the boss
She treats me like a piece of dirt; as if I might have lice
And maybe when I’m gone she’ll throw a party for my loss
I’m unaware what I have done to make her feel this way
I think she took dislike to me the moment that we met
I hope it’s not the autism or fact that I am gay
But frankly i dont give damn so she can call me Rhett
One day I will be on my way I’m going with the wind
To pastures new and lands that I am yearning to explore
And then this little feud will almost certainly rescind
A little aftertaste of something bitter nothing more
I hope for now she’s wise enough to let this dog alone
She thinks that she’s the queen but she’s just squatting on the throne


If all the world’s a stage why can’t I hear applauding crowd
Ridiculous the farce of life confess I’ve lost the plot
The silence is quite deafening and it is not allowed
To bring the velvet curtain down and dark the lighted spot
The audience are restless how they wanted something more
Another show is where they’ll go now appetite is whet
The pound of flesh I offered lies unwanted on the floor
My labour was unloved and lost in tears of blood and sweat
The what to be and not to be I’ve yet to understand
The Ides of March are brutal so please put away your blade
The tide is coming in and I am sinking in the sand
My character is flawed and this is how my life is played
If all the world’s a stage I wish that I could sing and dance
But life has no rehearsal so I had to take a chance

White House Blues

They want to turn the White House blue
It seems a little odd
A pointless empty thing to do
But I must not complain
To raise awareness of my plight
My mind was touched by god
A gift, a curse, a second sight
That makes life less mundane
I live upon a spectrum broad
I’m at the gifted end
They say my mind is somewhat flawed
But I think I am fine
The gifts I have are quite unique
And messages I send
May not contain the truth you seek
And narrowly define
But if you deal in absolute
And miss the filigree
Your view becomes a little moot
A cudgel that you beat
Pedantic or just very clear
The detail devils me
So listen if you want to hear
A voice that’s quite discreet
Your house it can be any shade
Of red or white or blue
Respect the way that I am made
Is all you have to do