The look he gave was one of such disdain
As if he caught a whiff of open drain
He promised he would never come again
I stripped the sheets from bed where we had lain
He thinks that I’m to blame for his desire
That somehow I ignite eternal fire
That burning in his groin will not expire
But I am just a fan to take it higher
The thing he can’t abide is found within
Discomfort lurks beneath that perfect skin
And what I think is beauty labelled sin
He sees himself as lost for giving in
Compassion is the love that I will show
This hate of self a pain I also know

The Journeyman

A wander through the backwater that day
A fly was hooked and baited on the line
The listener who had so much to say
And talked as if they owned the whole of time
Seduction of the mind a subtle art
The conversation lingered in the air
The mind is often route to find the heart
The thoughts are planted left to blossom there
The ripples of the mind that mark depart
For backwaters are places few would choose
The culmination so close after start
But what is gained we never truly lose
A chance encounter brief and bitter sweet
A journeyman will leave after the meet 


A flower in the clouds I found unique
You wilted in the press of heated kiss
In crushing you to make my lips so sweet
I took perfection into an abyss
A black umbrella when you rained on me
We should have danced together in the storm
But I took shelter in the fallacy
That freedom can be captured and conformed
The fruit so sweet now withered on the vine
Allowed the heat to dry our history
I parched your smile and now my sun won’t shine
No sweetness in this Pyrrhic victory
The desert heart so arid without you 
My love was clouds and now my sky is  blue 


I must remind the baptist brotherhood
Not just in Westboro but let’s be clear
That Jesus was for love and doing good
Not hatred, bigotry and causing fear
An international day against the hate
Of gay and bi and trans and all things queer
Now that is something to which I relate
On every day and not just once a year
Remove the blackness from your heart for gays
Our fellow human beings all are parts
Of tapestry so rich in many ways
A weft and warp of many loving hearts
A happy rainbow day my friend to you
Our love can paint the world in every hue


A weighted heart so heavy then you came
A somersault you landed in my lap
And nothing now can ever be the same
Because we are so close there is no gap
Delicious how you smother me with lust
Surrendering my body to your night
A journey through erotic into trust
Where passion pulls the shade over the light
Disordered bed a mirror of my mind
A somersault of body into soul
I reached and held you fast and then entwined
Until I met you I thought I was whole
Untidy hearts we beat disharmony
In rhythms that defy the gravity 

A Date To Remember

I’ll meet you by the bridge, let’s say at eight
I’ve got a plan so say you won’t be late
The words I’ve waited so long to arrive
And finally, he’s noticed I’m alive
A few deep breaths and soon he will be here
From which direction will my date appear
Perhaps he’s waiting on the other side
So nervous hope that soon he will arrive
A quarter past I hear the city chime
Perhaps I have misunderstood the time
At nine I realise that he won’t show
I wonder why he didn’t, start to go
And then a thought occurs that makes me sick
Is this some kind of homophobic trick
Has he been watching seeing how I wait
A voyeur’s satisfaction at my fate
A puppet master thinks he has my strings
But no one but myself makes me do things
I walk onto the bridge and climb the rail
Imagine I’m a ship that’s setting sail
I see his face as I am falling free
A man who won’t forget not meeting me

The Man

Just sixteen when he hit me in the face
A child and still at school he didn’t care
Decided he should put me in my place
For being gay though I was unaware
At sixteen hadn’t thought about that yet
Examinations loomed ahead of me
My thought was of the grades that I might get
An education sets a person free
At twenty one I saw him in the park
Forbidden fruit he likes to suck it dry
Ashamed of love he hides it in the dark
He’s in a cage but I have learnt to fly
A coward he is not as strong as me
For I’m the man that he’s afraid to be