Out on the Street

The street I do not walk because of you

I’ve found a very different way to home

And if I never face you I can be

Secure along the newer paths I roam

For now I only see you in my dreams

Those nightmares disappear into the dawn

Reality is brighter than the sun

And from my mind the deed it has been torn

Just recently I almost walked your way

I paused and took a different path instead

I wonder if I’ll ever pass your door

Without the drying mouth of fear and dread

Your bitter can not sour what is sweet

For fear cannot beat pride out on the street


She's boy-girl butch
Her chinos and a shirt
So strong and proud
No trace of dust or dirt
And every day
In park at early dawn
No place to stay
From family she is torn
A real misfit
With nowhere to belong
She's used to it
Been told that she is wrong
Stay safe and strong
While you are sleeping rough
Oh boy-girl life
Means you need to be tough


The promise of the fruit I've yet to taste
Temptation knows it hangs beyond my reach
And when it's ripe I'd savour without haste
For Eve an apple, I would take the peach
Perfection I can see you from afar
Yet I will never clamber up the tree
For all I want is to be where you are
But it's unlikely you will fall for me
Forbidden fruit so easy to desire
Reality is made of rougher skin
So I pretend my plane is flying higher
My thought as deed would no doubt be a sin
When Eden's bounty falls upon the earth
The serpent knows my honour and its worth

Let it be

You've put your faith in Jesus. Christ that seems a little odd.
A man who died so long ago. They nailed him to a cross.
Devoutly trust humanity, I don't believe in god.
My life's completely secular for I am my own boss.
You bow your head in deference while mine is always high.
A proudly sinful man who knows this life is all I get.
And if you think that after life's rewarded in the sky,
That's your belief not mine, so let's not get ourselves upset.
I am quite content for you to lose your self in quiet prayer,
But you desire my saving from the earthy clutch of lust
We both are on our knees and find a man to worship there
So why can't we just co-exist as strangers in the dust
I drink and I will fornicate but don't you pray for me.
Your dogma bite is not required so why not let it be


Once you knew me
Things have changed
Friend and lover
Now estranged
My behaviour
Was deranged

Sorry I was
Such a state
Hard to lose my
Former mate
Put on hold but
Could not wait
Love is dead yet
We relate

Stranger now I
See you there
Funny we were
Such a pair
So much substance
Just thin air
Try but find that
I still care

Love will never
Truly die
You and I see
Eye to eye
Set you free and
Let you fly
I'm the one that
Gets you high

Come to me and
Let's rewind
Wonder if one day
You'll find
I am always
On your mind


Those rules created shape a little life
Perhaps you think survival’s on the line
My ruler thrown away and so I make
My curves and spirals feeling mighty fine
Perhaps you found you’re living in a box
Step outside there’s  jasmine in the air
Four walls become a prison known as home
If we confine our hearts and minds to there
Imagine the abandonment of straight
A kinky queer whose slinking off the track
Meander down a path that no one beats
And you might find the freedom that you lack
Remove the jacket if you’re in a strait
Deny the norm and start to deviate