An hour to myself or maybe two
A coffee and the time to sit and drink
It isn’t that I haven’t things to do
But I afford myself some time to think
The world is rushing on at such a pace
Sometimes I feel so giddy I can’t see
I like to stop, to focus on a face
But modern life’s transacted rapidly
It looks like I’m a tortoise sitting there
No doubt I’ll never win that human race
Another man will be successful hare
For I will stop and linger in this place
No pressure in this gentle life of mine
I grant myself the precious gift of time

Jekyll And Hyde

I have a darkness that I try to hide
A facet of my psyche hard and cold
And when you feel my angry bitter side
You’ll see emotion difficult to hold
I want perfection served upon a plate
My expectation never really met
And disappointment’s not a happy state
My life is bitter tainted with regret
And yet you say that I’m a man of good
And in your eyes I am reflected clear
I’ve strived to be as perfect as I could
Your estimation something I hold dear
But knowing I am Jeckyll and I’m Hyde
Is conflict I have raging deep inside

The Knife

I saw the three at play
But not a happy crew
For one would have her way
Imposed on other two
The strongest of the group
She bullied and she teased
The captain of the troop
So easily displeased
The weakest went away
I fear he went to cry
On such a sunny day
A raindrop in his eye
We each of us must learn
The way to live our life
Some peacefully discern
While others wield the knife


In somnia so rich I landscape dreams
Subconcious realm such fantasy unveils
My mind is wondrous images and scenes
Awake reality it somehow pales
So join me on my journey come one night
I’ll fly you through the jasmine scented air
The world in which we’re nothing but the light
My dreams are something I want you to share
But darker dreams can sometimes form in minds
Where deeds are done and wake arrives with dread
The nightmare that repeats so many times
And you might not forgive what’s seen and said
And worry that my darkness won’t attract
Ironically has brought insomnia is back


A flower in the clouds I found unique
You wilted in the press of heated kiss
In crushing you to make my lips so sweet
I took perfection into an abyss
A black umbrella when you rained on me
We should have danced together in the storm
But I took shelter in the fallacy
That freedom can be captured and conformed
The fruit so sweet now withered on the vine
Allowed the heat to dry our history
I parched your smile and now my sun won’t shine
No sweetness in this Pyrrhic victory
The desert heart so arid without you 
My love was clouds and now my sky is  blue 

Silver Lined

I wandered lonely as a cloud
A dream in which I saw my thought
And each desire was spoke aloud
But my ideas are never brought
And so I woke from night before
My lonely bed of unmade dreams
The less I have it could be more
For life is seldom what it seems
I wonder if these dreams reveal
A man who needs seize the day
On lazy mornings I must steel
Be up and gone and on my way
This life alone I’ll wander far
My clouds are silver, lined with star