You echo still

Familiar and yet not

Expected and yet not

Not yet

Not yet familiar

Still unexpected

You, still and yet not



That chiller cool hypocrisy

Is social mediocrity

I’m sparking and sensational

With people feel relational

The data is quite baseable

My profile is book faceable

Each post is four leaf clovering

My problems I am overing

For nothing is impassable

When you get off your arseable

My feed is getting pozified

So live my wire’s electrified


Awake and yet I slumber

Alarm unheard I’m living number

Machine I am not being

Alert and with my eyes unseeing

Reality is garbled

My sanity was lost like marbles

Apology of human

Acted out but not my doing

A wake for all is dying

The truth before me now left lying

Everything pretended

This farce of living now has ended

Sobering Thoughts

With you I could eradicate myself

So lost in space as if there were no ground

My self esteem was taken quite by stealth

Beneath my nose no trace was ever found

With you I was in shadow from the sun

Protection kept sobriety at bay

I learnt that I was nothing, you’re the one

Sedating me with fix to fill the day

Without remembered I can function well

Create a life and carve myself a place

A man who had descended beyond hell

Enjoys the sun kissed freedom on his face

Eradication failed and I returned

Addiction can be conquered: lesson learned


So funny when the sky is grey but in my heart it’s blue

The sunshine everyday is like my mini atmosphere

A choice for everyone one of us to choose a daily hue

And mine is built on honesty and facing every fear

Remember when my sky was dark as if the sun were black

Anxiety controlled me and it fashioned my life smallI made decisions, some quite hard, and now my joy is backI stumbled but then I stood up and learnt about my fallMy life is not a chocolate box it is both sweet and sour But focus on the better make the bad peripheryPerspective is a choice and the mind has so much powerSo exercise and realise that you choose the things you seeMy life’s a mix of bad and good and everything betweenBut I am chasing rainbows and I’m following my dream


My heart was taken gently for a ride

And lulled to sleep not noticing your way

You stifled dreams by smothering my pride

When I awoke there wasn’t much to say

Assumed that you for me would be the one

So high the price that you would have me pay

No conscience in things that have been done

To slyly fox me in the light of day

If you had only asked you’d have it all

For love is sharing, never holding back

But you preferred to play me for a fool

My heart of gold was by you beaten black

You did not steal my hope although you tried

My beaten heart still beats for me inside