Back Yard

They key to happiness is in your own back yard to seek
But here I am so far away and feeling quite content
Perhaps the truth is each of us is totally unique
And one idea of happiness is not what others meant
My happiness I know is just for me to think about
Although I feign an interest in what others have to say
Suppose my own solution just ensures I have no doubt
I’ve always been particular preferring my own way
So I would say the key for me is keeping my life plain
Not many plans or grand designs to cause undue distress
I live each day without the future looming in the main
And when there’s only me is when my life is at its best
In solitude I travel never lonely just alone
The traveller with no back yard who’s made the world his home


Life’s a big top
So listen to the music while they’re sending in the clown

Learn to say no

Cos life’s a rollercoaster and it takes you up and down

Life’s a journey
My caravan of love has wheels that just keep rolling round


My inner space so when did you appear
Intruder uninvited on my plane
For lonely gripped my fingers in your sphere
Your angle’s not conducive to my aim
A vacuum mother nature does abhor
But I am not your mother little boy
And you plus me’s not what my line is for
So I’ll divide and leave remainder joy
Subtracting you negates the need to cry
The algebra of love’s insanity
My x will never equal, don’t ask why
We shoud not meet until infinity
An integer still single in my prime
What matters is I have my space in time

The Journeyman

A wander through the backwater that day
A fly was hooked and baited on the line
The listener who had so much to say
And talked as if they owned the whole of time
Seduction of the mind a subtle art
The conversation lingered in the air
The mind is often route to find the heart
The thoughts are planted left to blossom there
The ripples of the mind that mark depart
For backwaters are places few would choose
The culmination so close after start
But what is gained we never truly lose
A chance encounter brief and bitter sweet
A journeyman will leave after the meet 

Pressure Drop

The rain it came today
A fall in drowning mire
It drenched my mood as if
The fates somehow conspire
It’s hard and falls so straight Percussive on the roof
A hammer horror day
As if I needed proof
The rain will stop today
My mood is lighter sky
My melancholy washed
A pressure drop then high
Cambodia you take
My life and rinse it out
Alive in every sense
Of that I have no doubt

Eat sleep work replete

I’m living on the page that’s marked today
My yesterday’s are memories in store
I work, I rest and then a little play
Does anybody really need much more
Tomorrow doesn’t really have a plan
I’ll wake up with dawn and I will eat
A coffee with a friend I hope he can
Some labour and my day will be complete
A complicated man but now I try
To live my life with minimal distress
I’m finding there’s a lot to simplify
I wonder if I can have zero stress
A purpose, a few friends, a bite to eat
How minimal and yet I am replete

Farewell To May

Becoming the deserter I have left my mother’s land
This spring my merry England is a sad and sorry place
The strong and stable wooden heads that may have not well planned
Are bleeding dry resources and I think it’s a disgrace
That poverty and fear are used to splinter and divide
The hearts of oak of British folk so proud and so diverse
And once I thought my Britain great I had a sense of pride
But lately things are bad and they could possibly get worse
The National Health the safety net we call the welfare state
Dismantled for a profit cannot see how that is fair
I want to have things nationalised I know it’s not too late
A government for common folk and what we have we share
Election Day is looming and it’s time for us to say
Our labour starts in June and so we bid farewell to May