But it is given.


But it is shared.


But you were driven.


But you were scared.


But only freely.


But do not bind.


But don’t forget me.


But on my mind.


Out of the Woods

If busy is as busy does my busyness is done

Departed from the madding crowd to find that I am one

And though I’m lost in solitude at last I clearly see

The wood was not worth taking so I left it on the tree

If lonely is as lonely does my only hope is now

That I can be the captain of my destiny somehow

The path that I will travel isn’t shared and so goodbye

The road I chose so very low while others fly so high

If failing is just bailing then I’m sailing far away

Success as you define it has a price to great to pay

My seasons in the sun are done and now require shade

It matters not if I have lost the game’s no longer played

Careering can be dangerous so I think my work is done

The shadow of the lonely tree will keep me from the sun

Communication Breakdown

Who are you forgetting me

Message in bottle sent

Thought like waves across the sea

Written words you never meant

Where are you belonging now

Sharing all I gifted you

Want to stop my longing how

Changing isn’t what I do

Why did constant come to end

Can forever never last

Like a book to freely lend

Future from disrupted past

Question you don’t give your word

All the silence I have heard

Battambang Opera

I want to ride around with you
Through paddies green and wet
I’ll hold you tight about the waist
My chin upon your neck
And you can sing an aria
Or we could be duet
For love begins when we add one
And us is what we get
So rev your engine turn me on
I’m ready and I’m set
Lets travel through the countryside
And see if love is met

The Dawn

A life amazing pictures

Such wonders have been seen

The one who dares to venture

A journey like a dream

Though private life is slumber

The need for human touch

A never ringing number

And love is missed so much

The things are seen on Facebook

Are half or quarter true

Perhaps a different outlook

If lonely was with you

And yet there is no mourning

The wanderer alone

Awake alive each morning

And by the dawn is known

Blurred Lines

Democracy has fallen to the ground

And no one has the time to put it right

So busy each of us must rush around

While liberty’s removed from common sight

The bell that tolls for me a siren wail

And peace is symbolised by holding gun

No coup de grĂ¢ce as freedom’s left to fail

And right becomes the view of only one

Totalitarian yet I remain

Unease becomes a part of my routine

My silence isn’t easy to explain

I look but I won’t say what I have seen

I’m independent see how I observe

The line was drawn but see how it has blurred