You enter in where eagles fear

My agent truth or dare

A shaken stirred and bottles spun

And we are god knows where

I’m taking down the lines behind

For you are at the front

And what is fair in loving wars

When none is innocent

So leave me in the lurching sea

Deserted by your shore

For better is the worst of times

When wisdom wants for more



When sitting on a platform for the train that didn’t come

Alone as all the travellers abandoning their hope

I kept my faith in time and hoped the tables might yet turn

A safety net is nothing more than knotted bits of rope

Salvation came my way arrived 11:46

I climbed aboard not caring what the destination be

The journey worth the wait so unexpectedly arrived

I travelled into you a new exciting place to be

So catch the train or miss the bus but never lose the faith

The journey will be awesome if you just allow the ride

And everything will be if you allow yourself a breath

There really isn’t anything you can’t take in your stride

I’m sitting on a platform but no longer wait alone

For you are here and you is where I choose to make my home

The fruit here

She was loud and British and I couldn’t help but overhear her.

“The fruit here is amazing. It’s like really good. I had fruit salad. It was really good. And I ate at this place. So cheap. I had some stuff that was like soup. It cost me a dollar. On the menu the Cambodian prices were in Cambodian so I bet they were like twenty pence or cents or whatever.”

“Yeah I’m doing like all of South East Asia. Yeah. So I’ve done Vietnam already, awesome, and this is Cambodia. Next I’m going to Laos. I want to go to Myanmar but you can’t cross by land. Well you can, but there are drug dealers literally like on the bus, so no way. So I don’t know and then there’s Malaysia and stuff.”

“A dollar for a can of coke. Such a ripoff. Though I suppose we are in the middle of lake. But hey these people are just here to make money selling things. Have you seen the toilets. It just goes straight in the water. Anyway. So I’m going to get a pineapple. Looks she like cuts it up for you and everything. That’s amazing. No one’s ever cut up a pineapple for me before. The fruit here is amazing.”


Cutting through a culture like a knife

Parting ancient ways I come to see

Soon I will have killed what I have loved

You become facsimile of me

Nothing can defeat the hands of time

Change will happen if I stay or go

Stolen but my heart can be a safe

Memory is all that we will know

Proud you stand with nothing in your hand

All that is to come will be defeat

Western eyes so hard and cold will judge

Brace yourself this will be bitter sweet

Buddha’s in McTemple town and so

Coca Cola culture fries to go


I shine a light into the darkness of existence

I shine a light to help my brother see the plan

I shine a light that reaches you across the distance

I shine a light to tell you this is who I am

I shine a light and when you shine I feel the power

We shine a light together stronger than alone

We shine a light into the very darkest hour

And with the light the lost can find their way back home