Do not follow me for I am lost

Lean on someone else because I’m weak

Made decisions never counting cost

I don’t have the answers that you seek

Walk with me but let that be a choice

Take a step or two here by my side

You like me within you have a voice

Shine the light you’re hiding deep inside

Maybe I can follow you instead

For a while I can just let it go

I have never let myself be led

Proud in my stupidity I know

Then he turned and took my breath away

Told me that he knew a different way

Did I think two men could ever be

Independent yet cooperate

Building partnership where both are free

Living in a single happy state

Nobody need shoulder all the blame

Sharing joy and hardships two as one

Different men whose views are much the same

Love and care when all is said and done

Live by codes that we ourselves create

Be outside the box yet not alone

Try with me I’m looking for a mate

Make utopia and call it home

Yes I said and saw that in his eyes

Both of us were equally surprised


The days of wonder came upon me
Happiness was mine
From deep within my own creation
Now became the time
I searched so long but on my journey
Never went too far
My mind a land so rich to wander
Filled with shining star
For all the universe residing
Locked inside my soul
The emptiness you think I'm hiding
Key to being whole


Those rules created shape a little life
Perhaps you think survival’s on the line
My ruler thrown away and so I make
My curves and spirals feeling mighty fine
Perhaps you found you’re living in a box
Step outside there’s  jasmine in the air
Four walls become a prison known as home
If we confine our hearts and minds to there
Imagine the abandonment of straight
A kinky queer whose slinking off the track
Meander down a path that no one beats
And you might find the freedom that you lack
Remove the jacket if you’re in a strait
Deny the norm and start to deviate


The first step is the last of something else
And change a complex tango day by day
Your heart beats a reminder you’re alive
And progress is each move along the way
The two steps forward one step back is like
A soft shoe shuffle so be debonair
And if you waltz through problems you might find
That life can be like dancing in the air
The last of something also is the first
Debut yourself and tap into the change
And if you feel that tune’s not what you want
It’s up to you to move and rearrange
So face the music get up on your feet
The rhythm of your heart will move your feet

The Wet

The street became a river
My bike a leaking boat
The traffic at a standstill
Not knowing how to float
I waded through the water
Rolled trousers up to knees
Can’t pedal so I paddle
Through murky urban seas
And only for an hour
The rain had fallen fast
And though the rain was heavy
This time it didn’t last
So welcome to the season
Cambodia gets wet
And if you think it’s bad now
You ain’t seen nothing yet

Strange fruit

If oranges are green what else might be
The unexpected trips that see me fall
The meaning hidden or not there at all
A case that I can’t trust the things I see

If oranges are green I play a part
A European biter of the hand
Corruption that is watering the land
Is stop preventing change to ever start

If oranges are green I am not brown
I’m hiding from the wonder of sun
The words like rapid firing of the gun
I’m up where everybody’s chips are down

So oranges are green and here am I
An alien who sees through bluest eye