Three times

At 17 I knew it all

At 34 it was a bore

Now I find I’m 51

Never have I felt so young



My world it turned to fog

I didn’t want the detail crowding in

And so I blanked it out

Specifics aren’t where I wish to begin

I’m crawling back to life

I cannot stay in limbo ever more

But not yet standing up

I wonder if I’ll ever leave the floor

And you who put me here

So proud of all that you have done for me

But I forgive you now

Your hatred cannot stop me if I’m free

You think that I am weak

Refuse to play your petty little game

But you can’t touch me now

For I am here and I have found my name


Everyday is different

Everyday the same

Everyday my difference

Others seek to blame

One day I may falter

One day standing tall

One day this will alter

Barriers can fall

Everyone is special

Everyone unique

Everyone has questions

Answers that we seek

We can make a difference

We are much the same

We ensure that different

Isn’t cause for shame

Lots and Yards

My yard was not the place I found my joy
Though happily I played there as a boy
With neighbours’ children running wild and free
The way a youth is really meant to be
The mirror that I held up to my face
Was in a far off land but any place
Could be the moment you decide to see
The who you are and who you’d like to be
I’m happy drifting I don’t have no plan
I’m not relaxed I’m not sure that I can
But I have made my peace and now I sit
And savour every moment being it
Perfection is a goal I can’t attain
Contented with my lot is where I aim


Alone in pearly grey so Garbo chic

Yet you anticipate my every thought

Insidious how you into me seep

But in your foolish games I won’t be caught

Without a word my star that shines ahead

How black and white has cast you in the shade

Your garish technicolour hues are spread

But man or mouse your plans are not well laid

And you will be the people’s choice no doubt

So populist but not what I prefer

You’re zooming in while I have faded out

So many things you are but not demure

Not jaded my depart from tinsel town

The queen is dead all hail the painted clown

Now and Here

That was then and not who I am now

I have changed so let me tell you how

Said goodbye to both my hopes and fears

Nothing planned for my remaining years

Living for today is hard to do

Works for me but might not work for you

Only own the shirt upon my back

Funnily no longer seem to lack

All I need I have but not much more

Rich I’m not but far from being poor

Travel slow but never staying put

Fancy free and rather loose of foot

Living life for me and me alone

Now I’m here and here is where I’m home