I am not a Muslim.
I am not a Jew.
I am not Christian but I’m just the same as you.

I am not a bomber.
I do not feed hate.
I am just a peaceful man who won’t retaliate.

I am sure of one thing.
I can call you friend.
Christian Jew Islamic view would equally condemn

Hate is not the answer.
Love is what we need.
If we stick together then I know we will succeed.

We should love our neighbour.
Different yet the same
Coincide and don’t divide and we will win the game.

May Lose

I’ll nationalise my heart for public good
And all I have I will give to the state
In socialism I think that we would
Create a future Britain that is great.
Imagine if we owned the railway line
That courses through the country iron veined
A school that feeds the poor at dinner time
And public buildings properly maintained
A nurse who earns a decent living wage
A teacher who’s respected and admired
And services from young into old age
For free because no payment is required
The post war dream again it’s time to choose
If Corbyn doesn’t win we all may lose


My happiness gets off the bus at five
My hopes and dreams are driving into town
I want to be there seeing it arrive
That face that has removed my constant frown
We do not need to do so very much
So happy just be within his sight
And when the sun has set I’ll feel his touch
His arms will hold me in the darkest night
Tomorrow I will not awake alone
For happiness will be there in my bed
A man to turn my house into a home
A heart to ease the worries in my head
Today I’ll watch the ticking hands of time
Till happiness can put his hand in mine


A thank you for my yesterdays my memories and more
The path that I have travelled has delivered me to here
Experience has taught me what my life is really for
And life cannot be lived if it is something that you fear
A thank you for the now, the moment I am living in
My senses are alive and I can smell, touch, hear, see, taste
Too many people sit and wait for something to begin
The happening is now and we aren’t given time to waste
Tomorrow I’ll give thanks for every breath I need to take
My future isn’t certain and who knows what lies ahead
So with each dawn I rise and then new memories I make
I want to live in moments till the moment I am dead
I could regret what’s passed and then approach my life with fear But yesterday has been and gone; tomorrow isn’t here

Two Men

His skies of blue so beautiful were focusing on me
The skin of milk upon his face has known a life in shade
He looked at me so dark the midday sun has tainted me
For in the muddy fields is where my daily labour’s made
He doesn’t really understand why poverty exists
Believes it could be different but he’s thought and never deed
As if his disapproval or the clenching of his fists
Is all that is required to alleviate my need
His hands do not get dirty if they did he’d realise
To look and see what’s wrong is not the same as making right
A man of action he is not he can but theorise
He ponders while I’m working from the dawn until the night
He dreams of a utopia while everything remains
The whitest man with eyes of blue that sun will never stain