See my red balloon

Dancing on a string

Taken from my hand

Laughter in the wind


See my broken heart

Dangling by a thread

Taken in by love

Crying on a bed



Take of me and drink

In my vices sink

Plunder in the dark

Penetrate my heart

Fuck away the sin

Lose yourself and win

Deep and dirty grime

Lust is not a crime

Pure but slightly soiled

Orifice is oiled

Put yourself in me

And forever be

In my vices sunk

Taken conquered drunk


I teeter on the edge yet never fallen

A streetcar named me liar as I looked

I live my life a stoic close to heaven

Pretending that emotion has no hook

Perfection is not something deep and dirty

And marble hard will never yielding give

So life will never touch and never hurt me

For I am truly not allowed to live

If only I was carved into perfection

But I am not statue from a stone

I am weak and I have sought protection

And look me so cold and so alone

I want to reach and hold but I am frightened

I wonder who would catch me if I fall

To feel my heart just once a little lightened

To answer to the voices I hear call


The no I utter heard as partial yes

Your flame in sputter under the duress

The gutter I will claim as my address

And you in ivory tower powerless

Such hard remarks are writ upon the heart

The stop can not be placed before the start

The art in parting horse from heavy cart

Where Cupid’s arrow poison will impart

The moving on dynamic standing still

Just proving love can wreak a closer chill

The losing you has made me have my fill

The bitter poem given as a pill

A merry dance but portly lady sings

And very often wasps will waste their stings

All storm no port my hurricane it brings

The devastation wrought by angel wings

Hobson’s Choice

Silence me you feel you must

Telling tolled the freedom bell

Stop my tongue remove my trust

Quietly descend to hell

Wordlessly I meet your gaze

Nothing reasoned I can say

Welcome me to end of days

Ask but I refuse to play

Piper paid with dirty cash

Music for a masquerade

Man or mouse all hope you dash

Worst of plans so careless laid

Democrat without a voice

People left with Hobson’s choice

He hollowed out the emptiness

And put it on one side

Subtracted all that made him less

The self was in divide

Impossible what has been done

And yet it’s clear to see

He seems to now be more than one

The prisoner so free

Unlocked the chains around his heart

Which bound the soul with hate

Removed the darkest heavy part

To reach euphoric state

His emptiness is inner space

A place to draw a breath

And at the end the human race

Is angel born in death