No matter

My orbit isn’t centred where you are

For in my universe you seem so small

My revolution’s fixed on distant star

Another body has me in its thrall

I’ll leave and travel far in outer space

Regretting nothing trusting in my heart

And on arrival there will be a face

The one that calls my name across the dark

Energy so constant in its flow

Tomorrow will not matter I was here

The other will be all you want to know

And from your thoughts I’ll slowly disappear

I know that when I meet him we will shine

The light will carry on through space and time



I shine a light into the darkness of existence

I shine a light to help my brother see the plan

I shine a light that reaches you across the distance

I shine a light to tell you this is who I am

I shine a light and when you shine I feel the power

We shine a light together stronger than alone

We shine a light into the very darkest hour

And with the light the lost can find their way back home


My inner space so when did you appear
Intruder uninvited on my plane
For lonely gripped my fingers in your sphere
Your angle’s not conducive to my aim
A vacuum mother nature does abhor
But I am not your mother little boy
And you plus me’s not what my line is for
So I’ll divide and leave remainder joy
Subtracting you negates the need to cry
The algebra of love’s insanity
My x will never equal, don’t ask why
We shoud not meet until infinity
An integer still single in my prime
What matters is I have my space in time

Unkind Thought

Apology from me to Universe
For unkind thought perpetuates the hate
So I will place an idea into verse
About a different world we could create
I think that love should motivate the earth
And we must find a different way to be
If every human being knows their worth
We could then live with love and harmony
This love it would replenish mind and soul
And when it overflows there’s more to share
If happiness was everybody’s goal
Together we’d create a haven where
The gentlest revolution would bring peace
For unkind thought won’t make the fighting cease


I am all I ever thought I’d be
Master mind of universe within
Flawed and human able now to see
Judgement I refuse, there is no sin
Man I am, so humble yet so proud
Wonder woman mother look at me
Child you bore unbloodied and unbowed
Super man is who I want to be
Each of us is master of our fate
Destiny not written in the stars
Change your life if found in sorry state
Time will pass unless we make it ours
Be a hero, search and you will find
Inner peace and love are in your mind

Star Exploding

Imagine star exploding in the night
A thousand shafts invading deeper space
Destruction that could bring a heart to light
Illuminating secret private place
Your eyes explode my universe within
So vulnerable I’m shattered shards of glass
That catch the light like stars in constant spin
Your gravity is all that holds me fast
So fix me with your beams of loving light
Transport me to a place beyond the stars
The trip I take with you is out of sight
And now I see the universe is ours
The heaven that explodes within your eyes
Can banish dark and make me feel alive


Our mother earth has plans I realise
Survival of the fewest is our fate
The globe is getting warmer seas will rise
And we have forced this sad and sorry state
Our population grows but at what cost
Forgotten that the world is to be shared
Diversity and nature won’t be lost
Embarrassing how little we have cared
The pendulum will swing and there will be
A loss of human life we can’t conceive
The world will then evolve more naturally
Our place on earth quite differently perceived
The world is not a plaything we possess
It lives it breathes our mother, Earth Goddess