Life Poems

Free: For nothing

If sometimes you can't find time
That's fine because we all
Have things to do it's not
Just you. So don't worry
But if you can't make time 
To do things that are dear
To you then I fear that you need to 
Change and do a little rearrange
We spend time like money
Not funny if we use time and then 
Unwisely choose and end up losing 
Hours that could have been ours
So look and you will hopefully see
Time for you and me and for a thing 
That must be done and for fun
And still leave time free for nothing.


Winter Heart

Winter hearted friend you doubt spring 
Black nights will shorten 
Short days will brighten 
Daffodils will conquer 
Bleak will succumb to joy
But winter heart you can't see horizon
Deep in your abyss
My promise 
The break of this very night will come
World has not stopped turning 
Dawn follows dawn 
And one day it will be tomorrow


Be kinder 
Let love steer your days
Be bolder 
Reach out in new ways
Be warmer
Smile brightly with cheer 
Be braver
Watch hate disappear

Lone Star State

There is a star shining
Sparkling sparking life ball
Are we just its emanation
Can stardust question sky
There is a star shooting
Crackling cracking wish ball
You have fired imagination 
Does dreamer fathom why
There is a star corpsing
Failing fading dead ball
Splendour ends in isolation
Alone is how we die

Flower Power

Hate rules
But not in this garden 
I will weed it out and 
Playfully plant smothering love 
Cheap and cheerful flowers
For I am proud Mary 
Quite contrary 
And I will not play by
Your straight
Hate rules