Moving On

You lied to me


Then said let’s still be friends

I’m standing here

And mesmerised

You think that’s how this ends

Each word you said

Was fantasised

I don’t know who you are

So fare thee well

I’ve realised

From you I must go far



First he loved me

Showed me heaven

Took me to the moon

Then he left me

Dropped so quickly

Bursting my balloon

I was angry

Wanted nothing

Tried to walk away

He insisted

Wanted friendship

What else could I say

Had a coffee

Both were civil

Talked of nothing much

Then the nothing

Endless silence

Fallen out of touch

Sihanoukville Sunday

The hesitation just before the fall

A wave that breaks the sanding of beach

The sound of endless nature nothing more

And for a moment I am out of reach

And in between the waves I hear a bird

The trees in which I shade he makes his home

The silence is just waiting to be heard

My solace I no longer feel alone

Today I will return from my retreat

Tomorrow I will face the daily grind

The hassle, heat and noise of city street

Where moments out of life are hard to find

More lonely in the crush of human kind

I hesitate, and silence fills my mind

The catch

Considered quiet and serious

He’s sitting next to me

I’m raucously delirious

We’re quite the pair you see

In opposition facing me

Perhaps it’s all an act

Vanilla cool as ice is he

And oh how he attracts

A crumpled molten mess of man

Substantial lacking style

He sees me as I never am

And shares a semi smile

Two lovers who to all intents

Don’t look as if they match

Attraction is a deeper sense

And therein lies the catch

The moment

If you can take a moment from your day

Allow yourself the time to deeply breathe

And you will find the troubles that can weigh

May lighten and then ultimately leave

Experience the joy in being now

No thought of what has passed or is to come

The time is yours whenever you allow

The things you need to do will still get done

Imagine if you did this every day

To slip into the moment and to feel

Experience your self another way

The power’s in yourself to mend and heal

The breath of life so simple and so pure

And in the moment you need nothing more