You wash me in the waters of desire
The waves of lust come crashing down on shore
I’m soaking in the ardour you perspire
The drowning man who drinks a little more
A drenching left me gasping on the beach
You washed me up then left me out to dry
But then the tide of love will turn and reach
The rush of your embrace when you are high
So whimsical your love in ebb and flow
I never know if you are in or out
You say the moon will keep me in the know
A lunatic of that I have no doubt
The shifting sands of time will pull you back
The drift would only show me what you lack


McDonald Trump

If Ronald McDonald is offered with fries
American dream was a pie that he ate
The fears in my heart have become supersize
The madman who serves up a cupful of hate
Republican takeaway loved by the trash
Intelligence not what the people would choose
The president chosen by nation so crass
The winner we see make me fear what we lose
Rejecting establishment isn’t so bad
But burger like pizza are is not what you need
And now you’ve elected the clown I am sad
The pigs at the trough are enjoying a feed
So justice and truth are no longer the way
An apple a day keeps the fascist at bay

Hillary and Donald

Stupidity is not an absolute
Some people think a different way to you
So many points are genuinely moot
And not the same as what is really true
Not saying I believe in Donald Trump
The orange man with hair of a buffoon
In my opinion he’s a stupid chump
The system won’t be changed by a tycoon
But Hilary was not a perfect choice
A monger for a war I would oppose
The disenfranchised really need a voice
Their lack of food and health are bigger woes
America you’re so fucked up to me
You don’t seem very brave and aren’t so free

Glitter Balls

He danced in dreams the man from stars was made
His universe I lay my head upon
The heady games of lust where once I played
The stars of discotheque have come and gone
His glitter balls illuminate my room
Our dance floor satin sheets is where we move
He bangs and when he finishes I boom
His needle on my record feels the groove
The star I’m riding shoots me up so high
Desire will never bring me down to earth
The bed I’ve made a fantasy to fly
The galaxy was where I found rebirth
Our bodies see how heavenly we arc
His falling star exploded in my heart


The boy who everybody thought was gay
They called him names and had their bit of fun
And when he didn’t come to school one day
They couldn’t really fathom what they’d done
Destroyed he went to bed and wept his tears
A mother so distraught she kept him home
So young to have anxiety and fears
No longer did he feel his life his own
He journeyed very deeply in his mind
The transformation love pulled through the pain
An adult now the years have been more kind
Those demons laid to rest he laughs again
The man he has survived to tell the tale
But every year so many others fail


The girl I knew a woman now of course
The intervening years have made their mark
And once the love between us was a force
A kiss or two were stolen in the dark
Once fearless now she seems a little cowed
The eyes that flashed defiance now are flat
She hangs the head that once was high and proud
The girl who opened doors is now the mat
Her joie de vivre removed by man no doubt
They mine desire and then they disappear
If only she had let me take her out
I’d give her everything he did but fear
She looked at me and then she walked away
A girl she kissed when she was young and gay

A symmetry 

Conformity a place that’s in my way
A hurdle I have strived to overcome
Sometimes it adds frustration to the day
But now I can’t believe what has been done
Discrimination placed into my hand
A demolition order writ in fear
The ignorance I’ll never understand
A symmetry was what was wanted here
Attack upon esteem so nicely done
A smile as I’m denied of any rights
And now I see the one thing I did wrong
To be what others aren’t my sorry plight
Outsider who refuses to conform
My mind and body asymmetric formed