I want to be sober I want to be high
I want to be grounded and still get to fly
The power will just become might in my hand
The journey to fail is a route I have planned
So deal the pack now ace was high midweek low
A life less on order how was I know
With you on my side found my choices reduced 
Habit is just to what you have been used
You covered my eyes and you clouded the sun
Whatever you seek I know I’m not the one
Discouraged the practice of thinking for self
In bottle marked caution you’re back of the shelf



And being there with you I shone like star
I felt the world somewhere beneath my feet
You plastered cracks but made me feel complete
And I forgot to ask you who you are

Like every protege my days were few
And when my light you dimmed alone in dark
You want no more than walking in the park
Impossible to lean on that was you

The taste of honey sour on my tongue
That love was saccharine not starlight sweet
I hungered and you let me sit and eat
And sickening made me no longer young

Older now I want to say to you
Why take the youthful zest with no return
Your heart not star but furnace and you burn
Till hope’s a cindered spark leaving a flue


There’s nothing great about the way we treat
The sick, the poor, the weak, the ones who need
The hand of human kindness most of all
The social safety net was slashed by greed
The shame I have for my unhappy land
The bankers wife may talk of unity
But she I fear would gladly wield the knife
To slash a fellow human’s dignity
Dystopian our future on our own
Jerusalem not built, insular here
No health or education from the state
Our future built from prejudice and fear
Once we cared for all and proud to be
The welfare state for all the world’s envy


Today is just like any other day
The sun once risen destined then to sink
A meal to eat a cup of tea to drink
I wonder if there is a different way

But every day adventures come to me
Not knowing what will pass before my eyes
The thrill of finding life is a surprise
Such wonders there are in the world to see

To rise with sun and sleep at set is good
Some things are just the best that they can be
Perverse to change and do things differently
If what is done’s already as it should

Today some things will seem like a routine
The duties we perform along the way
A million different moments in a day
So look for the surprises in between


There is a graveyard where I like to sit
The gate is open for the world at large
And on a seat I think and write a bit
The beauty helps my weary soul recharge
And every town should have a place somewhere
The people can remove themselves from life
Among the flowers on a wooden chair
How simple it can be to reduce strife
The Quakers lie long dead beneath the ground
Their bodies now the food of stem and leaf
The circle of our lives a happy round
Their garden is for joy and not for grief



Remembering the time and place he met
A train from nowhere cut through cold and dark
The tunnel suddenly had light at end
And trapped in beam like arrow piercing hart
No wish to meet his friends the express leave
And left him for a while believing found
But then to come and prick his red balloon
And there he was quite firmly on the ground
The love he granted taken and misused
Reserved for affirmation and provide
A small return allow a glimpse at hope
Afar he wasn’t asked to step inside
The arms length much confused by hand to hold
Aside to love returned to dark and cold


We live our lives in boxed up pain
Compartment squared how we survive
And what beyond the cardboard box
To indicate if we’re alive
So pile me up like rotting meat
Compartment number forty nine
The time to gracefully give up
Decay will slip into decline
Escape the trap laid out for me
Compartment empty value change
Horizon stretching to the sky
A step beyond the normal range
So fifty I intend to be 
Without the box and drifting free