In secret spaces love was carved by us
Our lives continued seemingly the same
But unexpected there developed trust
Our moments would refuse to bear their shame
Delighted I am dazzled in your gaze
Your eyes that tell me all that lies within
In golden hands my bed placed centre stage
With hips entwined to consecrate our sin
Forbidden love we hide within our arms
We two may never publicly display
For you are only mine in moments charmed
In life we both have different roles to play
To soon my ardent lover we will part
With secret spaces carved within the heart



So languidly he moves across my bed
As if he were the water floating free
Then languor dammed the force within his veins
His listless love now drifting from my shore
I languish in the sheets of love becalmed
Left high and dry deserted by the tide


He was
Like no other man
Saw what no one had seen
Knew without hearing words
Read the signs of the heart
He was in love

He could
Love no other man
Blind to all except him
Deaf to lies that others told
Redesigned broken heart
He lost his love

He would
Want no other man
Looks for his returning
Hears the key slip in lock
Step inside open heart
He is in love

Eton Mess

They’re going to sell the national health
It makes me rather sick
The evil rich with idle wealth
More ways for money quick
Eton boys you’ve made a mess
You laugh and show your scorn
But decent folk will turn on you
Our welfare you can’t pawn
Your silver spoon will snap in two
You’ll lose you grip on power
The working man will replace you
And then in that fine hour
The wave of red installs the plan
Reverse the right wing state
For caring for the common man
Will make our country great

Exhortation Of Larks

I wandered past the big old houses
A morning walk down private road
It made me think of how the world is
And where the poor are not allowed
They’re building walls to limit entry
Exalted larks can fly straight past
And one day soon they’ll post a sentry
Different money. Different class
But walls are what mad man espouses
Though Broom Heath isn’t Mexico
With open hearts and open houses
A revolution might just sow
The urge to see man undivided
No barriers we all are free
Imagine every soul provided
With water, food and liberty
Utopia is what I long for
A dream to share across the globe
And then our souls can like the lark soar
Around a world that freedom knows