I’ll marry you midsummer
Bouquet of pend’lous sedge
And make sweet love together
Within that row of hedge
The lark will be our choir
The sun our witness fair
I’ll marry you midsummer
But winter won’t be there

He married me midsummer
Our love was at a high
But love is often fleeting
And lost under the sky
The hare will run forever
The days they shorten fast
He married me midsummer
But beauty need not last


Little Britons

A European male has lost his home
And saw no role for him in jingo land
He packed his heart and soul and went to roam
A life in different hemisphere is planned
So goodbye little Britons he will flee
He says goodbye to madness you create
He’ll seek a refuge hoping he can be
Removed from culture of divisive hate
A rat to run so far from sinking ship
Is that Farage tied tightly to the mast
This Independence Day not on all lips
A selfish nation voted Britain last
To say again what has been said before
The great don’t serve themselves they work for all

Kyson’s Point

The mud of tidal rivers is besmirched upon my heart
The promise of the sea that can be smelt so far inland
The eastern coast that looks like it will crumble into brine
But like the tide I’m going to be washed up on new shore
More restless than the ceaseless to and froing of the creek
I’ll venture forth with scant idea of what may lie ahead
A different love a landscape new a place to wonder at
The world so rich in beauty with its bounty to explore
My roomy heart is ocean so I do not fear the new
A catalogue of joyous times to clutter up my chest
My only treasure sapphires that will shine out of my head
For when I die I hope that I will want for nothing more
A beggar with a muddy heart who never stopped for long
A citizen of everywhere for nowhere I belong

The weekly shop

My heart had stopped but you pressed on
I stood like flounder: frozen food
Just wondering how long I’d known
This love had passed its best by date

What was it that you didn’t say
That revelation: semi skimmed
You pushed the trolley down the aisle
Left reeling at my altered life

At check out we divide the bags
The hunter gathers: chilli dip
In silence that will future be
The sound of our domestic bliss


If I were a baby small
My parents left for dead
Would you be a friend to me
And find for me a bed

If I were a refugee
No country to call home
Would you be a friend to me
Or would I be alone

If I were a man so poor
Not eaten for a week
Would you be a friend to me
And give me food to eat

In the world in troubled times
Our hearts must try to hear
We can help our friends in need
If we remove our fear

The Drifter

The birds sing out to me and say
The day begins what will you do
There is no plan to execute
I love to waste my time on you

The sun so strong when comes high noon
With heat which silences most life
I feel your smile burn in my heart
I love to share my time with you

And after noon a walk somewhere
Enjoy the beauty that we find
The ideas spin out of the air
I love to share my thoughts with you

And when the sun has almost set
Two shadows twist within the dark
Your eyes illuminate my dream
I drift in sleep with thoughts of you


A lighthouse standing tall against the grey
The poppy pink so short it’s time in bloom
Dark ocean stronger than the solid rock
For nothing is eternal we create
Strong tide with ebb and flow pulled by the moon
A permanence in things we cannot see
Sweet nature thrives and still the flowers grow
What man has built will tumble into sea
To crave posterity is lunatic
To wax and wane is order of the day
The lighthouse must succumb to nature’s force
Just rubble on the rocks one day one day will be
No monument to mark my fall to earth
Save poppies pink each June so wild and free