Happy Back

Time to get the happy back

Had enough of blues

There are many tricks you know

Techniques you can use

Seize the day and make a plan

Take a little walk

Meet a friend and have a chat

Always good to talk

Take a swim in waters fresh

Make a healthy meal

Tell yourself you’ll be ok

Feelings are not real

Have an early night so that

You can get some rest

Take care of yourself and soon

You’ll be at your best



The diarrhoea diaries

Will chronicle the messy end

The toilet pan of trashy white

Will flush away around the bend

Supremacy not aptly named

America is hate a friend

Cause all your shit is going down

On dirty pages that offend

Conscious Beam

So many are not happy with their lot
This life on darkened roads you did not choose
Bemoaning everything that you are not
Will drive you a place where you will lose
Its good to make some changes, take control
Just look within and if by chance you find
That you are not too happy with your soul
Then search until your psyche's realigned
For what you seek is concrete, not a dream
It lives within if you decide to see
So make your inner eye a conscious beam
A torch along the path to who you'll be
And don't give up when frightened and alone
The light of love you shine will guide you home


The promise of the fruit I've yet to taste
Temptation knows it hangs beyond my reach
And when it's ripe I'd savour without haste
For Eve an apple, I would take the peach
Perfection I can see you from afar
Yet I will never clamber up the tree
For all I want is to be where you are
But it's unlikely you will fall for me
Forbidden fruit so easy to desire
Reality is made of rougher skin
So I pretend my plane is flying higher
My thought as deed would no doubt be a sin
When Eden's bounty falls upon the earth
The serpent knows my honour and its worth

Not Everyday

Every day he's walking on his own
Every day he's always by himself
Every day he's stepping out from home
Every day he's not yet on the shelf
Every day he's smiling as he walks
Every day he's looking all about
Every day he's silent never talks
Every day he's happy to be out
If one day he didn't reappear
If one day he didn't smile at you
If one day you'll wish he was still here
Let this be the day for something new
Everyday you're walking by his side
Every day a conversation new
Every day your routines coincide
Every day's less lonely when there's two


The first step is the last of something else
And change a complex tango day by day
Your heart beats a reminder you’re alive
And progress is each move along the way
The two steps forward one step back is like
A soft shoe shuffle so be debonair
And if you waltz through problems you might find
That life can be like dancing in the air
The last of something also is the first
Debut yourself and tap into the change
And if you feel that tune’s not what you want
It’s up to you to move and rearrange
So face the music get up on your feet
The rhythm of your heart will move your feet

Lose track

Today could be the future in your hand
Decide which forward foot would be the best
Then action all those things that you have planned
Or will this day be wasted like the rest
Initiating change is sometimes hard
But life cannot be lived by standing still
It’s time to leave the pack so pick a card
The future can be anything you will
And don’t assume my words are meant for youth
We live until the moment of our death
The clock is ticking every second’s proof
That life should run until its out of breath
Today is our tomorrow if we choose
For time’s a precious track we mustn’t lose