Gin: a cautionary tale for men

Obstruction to seduction was concocted from a farce

Temptation for libation when the devil’s in his cups

Create an expectation of a moment from the heart

Distraction his reaction was he couldn’t get it up

Perfection is construction made so solid and so true

Dejection of erection for his head was going south

Repulsion and revulsion at the option offered out

Rejection of suggestion to revive it with my mouth

Not fiction this depiction of an offer from a hunk

Prevention of intention to unite us in his bed

Sedation is vexation with the snoring of a drunk

Retraction of attraction is what happened in my head

No motion in the ocean when there’s gin inside the hold

And caution not contortion is the tale you have been told



The bells were ringing sound of my alarm

But caught by breeze my caution whisked away

And like bracelet stripped of subtle charm

The gold was tarnished by the end of day

The clock it struck me right between the eyes

A thought was lost in time I’ll come to see

And in my sight it plainly was disguise

I’m anyone as long as I’m not me

Esteem I limbo under at the bar

Each glass more rosy hued as down I fall

From there to here is not so very far

My back desires the prison of the wall

They’re calling time last order is my rite

Beloved I will sink into the night

Dead or Alive

What did you find in the bottom of the bottle
How many demons to release
Poured you a drink and then poured for you another
One way to get a little peace
What did you want when you told me you were leaving
I watched you falling out the door
Did you believe I would lose myself in grieving
I felt like I'd been through the war
You're so unkind on the days that you are drinking
How many days are in a week
Alcohol won but the friend got lost I'm thinking
Help wasn't something you would seek
Everyone knows never trust an alcoholic
They only want another glass
Hatred you'd spew after being melancholic
Thank you I will not kiss your arse
Nothing is found in the bottom of the bottle
Saving the pain on which your heartache seems thrive
Drinking is one way to numb the pain of hurting
Dead drunk but feel you're still alive