The never being hurt was what was hurting

Protection that became Achilles’ heel

The pain of not allowing to believe in

Reality is something we can feel

And so this time I know that I am falling

But hope that you are there and so I drop

I listen and I think I hear you calling

Not knowing if this love is start or stop

I’m on the line and I am not withdrawing

What’s in my heart I’ll share with you today

One smile and like the lark my spirit’s soaring

I’ll say three little words and come what may

I love you and I want to start the journey

And if you feel the same let’s share the ride

Let’s bid farewell to careful and to lonely

Together hand in hand and side by side

And maybe this will be love everlasting

Or we might sink before we learn to swim

Together in this net that we are casting

To drown unless our love can pull us in



In my ears your tales were told

In whispers under sheet

In those arms a gentle fold

In you I am replete

In the morning passion spent

In dreams we ran away

In your kisses heaven sent

In happiness we lay

In the future we will meet

In dreams until that day

In the meantime lover sweet

In absence fond I lay

Battambang Opera

I want to ride around with you
Through paddies green and wet
I’ll hold you tight about the waist
My chin upon your neck
And you can sing an aria
Or we could be duet
For love begins when we add one
And us is what we get
So rev your engine turn me on
I’m ready and I’m set
Lets travel through the countryside
And see if love is met

Gin: a cautionary tale for men

Obstruction to seduction was concocted from a farce

Temptation for libation when the devil’s in his cups

Create an expectation of a moment from the heart

Distraction his reaction was he couldn’t get it up

Perfection is construction made so solid and so true

Dejection of erection for his head was going south

Repulsion and revulsion at the option offered out

Rejection of suggestion to revive it with my mouth

Not fiction this depiction of an offer from a hunk

Prevention of intention to unite us in his bed

Sedation is vexation with the snoring of a drunk

Retraction of attraction is what happened in my head

No motion in the ocean when there’s gin inside the hold

And caution not contortion is the tale you have been told

Somewhat Queer

Happy when you’re here

Good to have a friend

Feeling somewhat queer

Which will never mend

Drink or maybe two

Propping up the bar

Fun I have with you

Near and yet so far

You cannot be mine

Love but not like that

Now is never time

Leaves my ego flat

Straight the narrow path

Free of any kink

Not my other half

Hearts are not in sync

Love and War

So long apart forgotten the delight

The war of words has crumbled in my sheets

The running battle by a kiss was stilled

Exhausted head upon the breast that beats

His eyes they didn’t shine so bright before

But in my bed he lit the way back home

And in his tangle found myself released

His arms that feel as they’re mine to own

We lose an hour then an hour more

And in the loss of time we find a start

For he is on my bed and on my mind

My name I will tattoo upon his heart

The war is over let the love begin

I fought and lost and yet somehow I win