The rain is coming soon

To wash away the dust

And all will be renewed

And once again I’ll trust

The dry was in my mouth

It took away my voice

But when the river floods

Again I’ll state my choice

So now I sit and wait

I watch for heavy cloud

The past must be destroyed

Then future is allowed

The coming storm will break

And I will leave the shell

And in the fresh I’ll start

My wander to the well



Plant a tree

Watch it die

How can I explain

See a child

Watch it die

Can’t believe the pain

Oh sad world

Watch it die

Killed by greed and gain

Conquer hate

Watch it die

Love can change the game

The memory

In difference we are similar

Unique is commonplace

But I remember all of you

How time had lined your face

The moment was an age ago

But memory is fresh

The conversation to and fro

The thoughts allowed to mesh

We passed and life it parted us

We both have travelled far

And yet I feel you here with me

And I am where you are

In distance we are ever close

I feel your eyes meet mine

And though each moment is unique

We’re never lost in time


First he loved me

Showed me heaven

Took me to the moon

Then he left me

Dropped so quickly

Bursting my balloon

I was angry

Wanted nothing

Tried to walk away

He insisted

Wanted friendship

What else could I say

Had a coffee

Both were civil

Talked of nothing much

Then the nothing

Endless silence

Fallen out of touch


Who is this man who lies with me

Whose sweetened words are quickly sour

Just take and when he’s done with me

Let silence rain for half an hour

A silver tongue to ease his way

But golden promise turned out brass

He’s honey lipped with hips that sway

But when he’s done the moment’s past

A one night stand is all it was

He should have said so at the start

For two can play that game because

I could have closed my open heart

You’re man enough to make me cry

But like the rain my tears will dry


I’m half way to the moon and back

I’m lost in outer space

I’m running till I lose myself

And find a better place

I’m lone but I am not alone

I have a dream to hold

But it was not to be with you

And so I leave the fold

I see you do not understand

Which only proves me right

For you are scared of dark

I am a creature of the night

I don’t think I am coming back

So far can be my home

My baby has been laid to rest

But I was born to roam