Blurred Lines

Democracy has fallen to the ground

And no one has the time to put it right

So busy each of us must rush around

While liberty’s removed from common sight

The bell that tolls for me a siren wail

And peace is symbolised by holding gun

No coup de grâce as freedom’s left to fail

And right becomes the view of only one

Totalitarian yet I remain

Unease becomes a part of my routine

My silence isn’t easy to explain

I look but I won’t say what I have seen

I’m independent see how I observe

The line was drawn but see how it has blurred


War of Independence

Without you here I’ve finally become

The man who walks away not looking back

The two divide and I’m remainder one

The future parts repressive clouds of black

I ran until my very breath expired

Then took the time to find the man I am

For life had left me bruised and broken, tired

Reality was nothing but a sham

The war of independence over now

Republic not subjected to a king

Consider this my last and final bow

For you to me no longer mean a thing

I’m not confined I live without a plan

Except to be a free and happy man


I went to work. I wandered home. My life was simplified.

For I was there and all alone with no one at my side.

The roundabout of love for me was not an easy ride.

No pity please! I can survive. I’m made of stronger stuff.

That playground’s made me realise that I can be so tough.

I have my health and sense of self, for now that is enough.

I see you look. I see the eyes. You want to ask me why.

Am I aloof, unpopular, or simply high and dry?

That sombre and unsmiling man who watches you pass by.

You turn around. I feel your gaze. You pierce me deep inside.

And all the pain and hurt that over years I’ve tried to hide,

You comprehend and validate then gently put aside.

You take my hand. You swing my heart. You turn my insides out.

You want to change my life and that you can, I have no doubt.

I go to work but simple has become more roundabout.

I took a little happy

And mixed it up with joy

My life became less lonely

With so much to enjoy

My mind was trained like body

Each smile a muscle flexed

And if you cut down sadness

Who knows what happens next

Those feelings simply choices

So exercise them well

Decide to create heaven

And that is where you’ll dwell

My life it isn’t perfect

I go both up and down

But if you just keep smiling

You might forget to frown

Shooting Star

Too wild to be for ever so the days were precious few

Unwise decisions taken always knowing what we do

So high you had me flying like two eagles we would soar

In everything success and then we wanted nothing more

The day it dawned when suddenly I wanted to be down

My Peter Pan confused because my feet were on the ground

The neverland forever’s not the place I want to be

So if you want to fly you must continue without me

Reality sobriety my heady days are done

The rush of the roulette but now I’m putting down the gun

I love you hate you want you hope you’re never coming back

For everything you take is just to hide the things you lack

So chase the rainbow dance with stars and reach for greater highs

And down here on the Earth I see you flying through the skies


In being touched was left a mark unseen

And from the living world to be removed

The turmoil deep the surface so serene

And left to only wonder what was proved

In isolation ward off each advance

A wall against the world it shall be built

No touch or feel and preferably no glance

In purdah with another’s shameful guilt

Some people bruise or break their skin and bone

But pain can manifest in darker form

Ever more to feel complete alone

A witness to the darkness of the storm

A stone is found where once there was a life

Survival twists until it blunts the knife

Big Man

The trouble is he wants to be a man

He’s overgrown his boyhood he assumes

If anger and aggression are his plan

The future very ominously looms

A man is not an animal you see

Maturity should bring a slight finesse

And if he wants to win the fight with me

He’ll always be a boy, no more no less

To put away those tantrums and those tears

And look inside to own the hurt within

For when he can admit both hopes and fears

Perhaps the days of adulthood begin

He thinks he is a bigger man than me

I’ll teach him all the ways that he can be