Stop to feel a heartbeat
Everything is fine
Life is ticking over
In the hands of time
Moments lost in chaos
Wonderful release
After seek reflection
Time to make some peace
Life it should be balanced
Up and sometimes down
Swing or roundabout as
Merry we go round
Future's never certain
Yesterday is gone
Feel the rhythm pulsing
Moving you along



A weighted heart so heavy then you came
A somersault you landed in my lap
And nothing now can ever be the same
Because we are so close there is no gap
Delicious how you smother me with lust
Surrendering my body to your night
A journey through erotic into trust
Where passion pulls the shade over the light
Disordered bed a mirror of my mind
A somersault of body into soul
I reached and held you fast and then entwined
Until I met you I thought I was whole
Untidy hearts we beat disharmony
In rhythms that defy the gravity 


The chaos seemed defiant piling high
Disorder of the day annoying writ
The thunder clouds that ponder in the sky
A purpose once but nothing seems to fit
The rationale you wanted set in stone
Imposing order fails before you try
The man who wanted company alone
Deserted on the island wonder why
Inflexible you need to try and bend
Perhaps the flow should not be swum against
If serendipity became your friend
Would you release the grip you hold so tense
Surrender to the chaos of the day
The sun will rise and set so come what may