Have a coffee

Take a shower

Get the marking done

Little tasks that

I must finish

‘Fore the clock strikes one

Life is easy

Living slowly

Not so much to do

So I’ll sit and

Write a poem

While I drink my brew



An hour to myself or maybe two
A coffee and the time to sit and drink
It isn’t that I haven’t things to do
But I afford myself some time to think
The world is rushing on at such a pace
Sometimes I feel so giddy I can’t see
I like to stop, to focus on a face
But modern life’s transacted rapidly
It looks like I’m a tortoise sitting there
No doubt I’ll never win that human race
Another man will be successful hare
For I will stop and linger in this place
No pressure in this gentle life of mine
I grant myself the precious gift of time


Every morning coffee brewed at dawn
Always makes it just the way he likes
Then she goes to market every morn
Small old woman sits on big old bike
Sons she carried three and one survives
Lives with her in tiny wooden shack
Doesn’t think of other people’s lives
Much they have why dwell on what they lack
Family and food define her day
Cooking cleaning helping only son
Coffee sweet with milk his favourite way
Everyday her work for him is done
Love for three condensed to single man
Mother’s love as sweet as milk in can

And who

And who do you belong to mister man who crossed his legs
Your shoulders are so broad or is your waist just very slight
And I have not yet seen your face and so my mind it begs
Is he as handsome as imagination wild would like
And who am I to look at you as you are working hard?
Perhaps I should rein in my thoughts and focus on my lunch
If only I was fearless I would hand to you my card
But I am just a coward when it comes down to the crunch
And who would write a poem and not simply say hello?
A fool an old romantic or a man who’s rather shy
Imagine you’re well spoken though I fear I’ll never know
I know about the loved and lost but still I will not try
And who will read this poem almost no one and not you
And if you did I wonder what on earth that you might do