Communication Breakdown

Who are you forgetting me

Message in bottle sent

Thought like waves across the sea

Written words you never meant

Where are you belonging now

Sharing all I gifted you

Want to stop my longing how

Changing isn’t what I do

Why did constant come to end

Can forever never last

Like a book to freely lend

Future from disrupted past

Question you don’t give your word

All the silence I have heard


Testing Time


Something broke inside

Fear they cannot hide

Only for the ride


Now they need to speak

Answer theirs to seek

Into private peak


Took a little test

Putting minds at rest

Tidy lives were messed


Stranger turns to friend

Tale has happy end

Broke together mend

…to be

Try to be more social
Mix with different friends
You should just get out more
Know how this one ends

People can be complex
Harsh and unrefined
So my usual reflex
Meetings strictly timed

You can have an hour
You, a little more
Keep you a distance
Tally up the score

Everyday I must see
One or sometimes two
Then I can get on with
What I like to do

People make me tired
Like to be alone
When your time's expired
I will wander home

Life is on the spectrum
Socialising's fraught
With a few controls though
Life is as it ought…

On The Throne

I sent a little missive asking her for some advice
The psycho bitch from hell decides to copy in the boss
She treats me like a piece of dirt; as if I might have lice
And maybe when I’m gone she’ll throw a party for my loss
I’m unaware what I have done to make her feel this way
I think she took dislike to me the moment that we met
I hope it’s not the autism or fact that I am gay
But frankly i dont give damn so she can call me Rhett
One day I will be on my way I’m going with the wind
To pastures new and lands that I am yearning to explore
And then this little feud will almost certainly rescind
A little aftertaste of something bitter nothing more
I hope for now she’s wise enough to let this dog alone
She thinks that she’s the queen but she’s just squatting on the throne