Sea and Sky

We’re sitting in the safety of the dark

And by my side he tells about his life

His smile illuminates each sad remark

He’s positive in spite of all the strife

Together in the park we’re on a date

We sit almost too close and talk of much

And all his words within me resonate

I can’t believe how deeply he can touch

He smiles again but this is just for me

And in return I look into his eyes

If his are like a deep unending sea

Then mine are bluer than the summer skies

On far horizons meet the sea and sky

And no one feels their touch but he and I



I stumbled over words and grazed my heart
I thought I saw the truth within a rhyme
But writers can’t trusted for their art
Is just to sweeten cheap and hackneyed line
Comparison to summer’s day is trite
And music often feeds the love we lost
I think that love requires a second sight
And rides that fall are rarely worth the cost
Remember love’s a verb a doing word
It’s not a state that we recover from
A writer’s actions should seen not heard
And love is not three minutes in a song
Unbreak my heart for it is carved in wood
If words are all you have then you’re no good

A Date To Remember

I’ll meet you by the bridge, let’s say at eight
I’ve got a plan so say you won’t be late
The words I’ve waited so long to arrive
And finally, he’s noticed I’m alive
A few deep breaths and soon he will be here
From which direction will my date appear
Perhaps he’s waiting on the other side
So nervous hope that soon he will arrive
A quarter past I hear the city chime
Perhaps I have misunderstood the time
At nine I realise that he won’t show
I wonder why he didn’t, start to go
And then a thought occurs that makes me sick
Is this some kind of homophobic trick
Has he been watching seeing how I wait
A voyeur’s satisfaction at my fate
A puppet master thinks he has my strings
But no one but myself makes me do things
I walk onto the bridge and climb the rail
Imagine I’m a ship that’s setting sail
I see his face as I am falling free
A man who won’t forget not meeting me