A heavy heart for love’s not taken light

My burden is to make for you a space

Where you can be in sensual delight

A world of magic beautifully placed

My heavy hands feel clumsy in their task

To delicately weave the dreams of night

But with your eyes reflected and unmasked

You paint me in a very different light

So heavy set an ordinary man

You find in me the strengths that I cannot

You reassure and hold me in your gaze

Reminding me of all that I forgot

This heavy love so earthy and profound

For in the depths is where our love was found


The Art

When beauty walked into the room I drew
My breath and wondered had he asked for me
As if my language I forgot I knew
I stood before him struck so silently
An artist with my canvasses of lust
So huge in public gallery not hung
But beauty isn’t something art should trust
For surface isn’t where our work is done
Undress the beauty show what lies beneath
And let me draw your breath into my soul
The canvas of your heart has sparked belief
A brush of lips and I have lost control
I stripped my love and now I have to find
The art to capture beauty in the mind