Out on the Street

The street I do not walk because of you

I’ve found a very different way to home

And if I never face you I can be

Secure along the newer paths I roam

For now I only see you in my dreams

Those nightmares disappear into the dawn

Reality is brighter than the sun

And from my mind the deed it has been torn

Just recently I almost walked your way

I paused and took a different path instead

I wonder if I’ll ever pass your door

Without the drying mouth of fear and dread

Your bitter can not sour what is sweet

For fear cannot beat pride out on the street


Conscious Beam

So many are not happy with their lot
This life on darkened roads you did not choose
Bemoaning everything that you are not
Will drive you a place where you will lose
Its good to make some changes, take control
Just look within and if by chance you find
That you are not too happy with your soul
Then search until your psyche's realigned
For what you seek is concrete, not a dream
It lives within if you decide to see
So make your inner eye a conscious beam
A torch along the path to who you'll be
And don't give up when frightened and alone
The light of love you shine will guide you home

The Farm

And blowing in the wind is where the answer's meant to be
But I was blown to here and back by what you said to me
The wind of change was Mary Poppins landing in the street
So give the starving tuppence if you have enough to eat
The question is our future and it's dangling by a thread
But Damocles has gone and you're the thing I left unsaid
The double hedging bet was lost and all we have at stake
Are bleeding hearts the Queen of Tarts will liberally bake
How many roads I walked with you yet never at your side
The wolf who blew my mind but somehow left it all implied
I'm on the road to nowhere but the making sense has stopped
Cause Maggie's farm's reality when rabbit holes are dropped
Some people never see the ocean others wash ashore
Imagine all the people then consider them no more


If all my dreams are avenues I’ve walked
I hope the final turning brings me peace
If all my thoughts are conversations talked
The puzzle solved could win me my release
If all I have imagined could be real
My dreams would lie prosaic on the floor
If all the wonder isn’t what I feel
Then magic won’t be found here anymore
If all the truth I’m given is a lie
Those dusty dreams are trampled under feet
If all that I can do is wonder why
I guess my life will never feel replete
But if you dream and wonder what will be
You might just be the piece completing me

Silver Lined

I wandered lonely as a cloud
A dream in which I saw my thought
And each desire was spoke aloud
But my ideas are never brought
And so I woke from night before
My lonely bed of unmade dreams
The less I have it could be more
For life is seldom what it seems
I wonder if these dreams reveal
A man who needs seize the day
On lazy mornings I must steel
Be up and gone and on my way
This life alone I’ll wander far
My clouds are silver, lined with star


I saw a man the other day he glanced and left a smile
My life it didn’t change but deep inside I felt his look
He sat with friends I sat with mine and time away was whiled
And when he left I felt that he had read me like a book
My heart it raged and wondered how he could just walk away
My mind it reasoned how we couldn’t start a thing right there
But after leaving he looked back the words he didn’t say
A fluent declaration was left hanging in the air
So when we meet again I’ll ask him if we’ve met before
An opening, a start, a chance for us to somehow build
I hope he’s clever, kind and good and ever so much more
I have a dream and wonder if it now could be fulfilled
We’ll talk and hopefully that’s where  our  journey will begin
And this time when our friends have gone I will be left him