I’m half way to the moon and back

I’m lost in outer space

I’m running till I lose myself

And find a better place

I’m lone but I am not alone

I have a dream to hold

But it was not to be with you

And so I leave the fold

I see you do not understand

Which only proves me right

For you are scared of dark

I am a creature of the night

I don’t think I am coming back

So far can be my home

My baby has been laid to rest

But I was born to roam


Work: Love

A bit of an abyss

Profound was lost in dark

Evaporated bliss

The man without an ark

The day it grinds me raw

The mill is mine to tread

I wonder what it’s for

This living almost dead

But you are in my dreams

And sometimes in my bed

So nothing’s what it seems

If you aren’t in my head

It’s time I turned around

For you is where I’m found

If yesterday were mine again and time could be replayed

What different steps along the path would I decide to take

But history cannot be changed like sheets my bed is made

And so remember live each day for everything’s at stake

Tomorrow’s sun is never known horizon can’t be seen

The future shoots into the dark destiny’s a risk

But I am optimistic of the up and coming scene

For there is a not a part of what’s to come that should be missed

However let the truth be said today is where I’m at

My now is here and happening I’m in my proper place

The past should be a lesson it can teach me how to act

So I’ll enjoy each moment with a smile upon my face

How wonderful that life is real and things are what they seem

Be present in each moment for existing’s not a dream

Blank Slates

Dear Teacher will you crush my dreams in your curriculum

I have so many questions that will help me understand

The world is so amazing but you seem to be so numb

I wonder will you help me or dismiss me out of hand

Dear Teacher I am present but the slate is turning blank

I hope you recognise that you don’t teach me what I need

My hopes were high but over time it seems they slowly sank

And school took my excitement, I no longer am the seed

Dear Teacher I am leaving yet you still don’t know my name

My life will be pedestrian my future only grey

Adventures I had longed for but my dreams you gently tamed

Canary in a cage but I won’t sing for you today

Dear Teacher were you once like me and did you dare to hope?

I see you that you aren’t living but somehow you seem to cope


My heart was taken gently for a ride

And lulled to sleep not noticing your way

You stifled dreams by smothering my pride

When I awoke there wasn’t much to say

Assumed that you for me would be the one

So high the price that you would have me pay

No conscience in things that have been done

To slyly fox me in the light of day

If you had only asked you’d have it all

For love is sharing, never holding back

But you preferred to play me for a fool

My heart of gold was by you beaten black

You did not steal my hope although you tried

My beaten heart still beats for me inside

Out on the Street

The street I do not walk because of you

I’ve found a very different way to home

And if I never face you I can be

Secure along the newer paths I roam

For now I only see you in my dreams

Those nightmares disappear into the dawn

Reality is brighter than the sun

And from my mind the deed it has been torn

Just recently I almost walked your way

I paused and took a different path instead

I wonder if I’ll ever pass your door

Without the drying mouth of fear and dread

Your bitter can not sour what is sweet

For fear cannot beat pride out on the street

Conscious Beam

So many are not happy with their lot
This life on darkened roads you did not choose
Bemoaning everything that you are not
Will drive you a place where you will lose
Its good to make some changes, take control
Just look within and if by chance you find
That you are not too happy with your soul
Then search until your psyche's realigned
For what you seek is concrete, not a dream
It lives within if you decide to see
So make your inner eye a conscious beam
A torch along the path to who you'll be
And don't give up when frightened and alone
The light of love you shine will guide you home