Running out of empty

Filling up of time

Quieting confusion

Blurring of the line

Minding little spaces

Finding of the gap

Cannot live in cages

Existential trap

Seeking a manoeuvre

Elbowing for room

Solitary saviour

Solace in the gloom



I’m half way to the moon and back

I’m lost in outer space

I’m running till I lose myself

And find a better place

I’m lone but I am not alone

I have a dream to hold

But it was not to be with you

And so I leave the fold

I see you do not understand

Which only proves me right

For you are scared of dark

I am a creature of the night

I don’t think I am coming back

So far can be my home

My baby has been laid to rest

But I was born to roam

My love

My love is like an empty place

With room for me to breathe

I’m never crowded in his space

For I’m allowed to leave

My love is like the winter air

When blooms first sense the spring

And in a life that was quite bare

Are flowers blossoming

My love is strong enough to be

A bond to keep me near

And yet I feel completely free

Just knowing he is here

Out of the Woods

If busy is as busy does my busyness is done

Departed from the madding crowd to find that I am one

And though I’m lost in solitude at last I clearly see

The wood was not worth taking so I left it on the tree

If lonely is as lonely does my only hope is now

That I can be the captain of my destiny somehow

The path that I will travel isn’t shared and so goodbye

The road I chose so very low while others fly so high

If failing is just bailing then I’m sailing far away

Success as you define it has a price to great to pay

My seasons in the sun are done and now require shade

It matters not if I have lost the game’s no longer played

Careering can be dangerous so I think my work is done

The shadow of the lonely tree will keep me from the sun

Sobering Thoughts

With you I could eradicate myself

So lost in space as if there were no ground

My self esteem was taken quite by stealth

Beneath my nose no trace was ever found

With you I was in shadow from the sun

Protection kept sobriety at bay

I learnt that I was nothing, you’re the one

Sedating me with fix to fill the day

Without remembered I can function well

Create a life and carve myself a place

A man who had descended beyond hell

Enjoys the sun kissed freedom on his face

Eradication failed and I returned

Addiction can be conquered: lesson learned

Hobson’s Choice

Silence me you feel you must

Telling tolled the freedom bell

Stop my tongue remove my trust

Quietly descend to hell

Wordlessly I meet your gaze

Nothing reasoned I can say

Welcome me to end of days

Ask but I refuse to play

Piper paid with dirty cash

Music for a masquerade

Man or mouse all hope you dash

Worst of plans so careless laid

Democrat without a voice

People left with Hobson’s choice