Moving On

You lied to me


Then said let’s still be friends

I’m standing here

And mesmerised

You think that’s how this ends

Each word you said

Was fantasised

I don’t know who you are

So fare thee well

I’ve realised

From you I must go far



First he loved me

Showed me heaven

Took me to the moon

Then he left me

Dropped so quickly

Bursting my balloon

I was angry

Wanted nothing

Tried to walk away

He insisted

Wanted friendship

What else could I say

Had a coffee

Both were civil

Talked of nothing much

Then the nothing

Endless silence

Fallen out of touch


I’m half way to the moon and back

I’m lost in outer space

I’m running till I lose myself

And find a better place

I’m lone but I am not alone

I have a dream to hold

But it was not to be with you

And so I leave the fold

I see you do not understand

Which only proves me right

For you are scared of dark

I am a creature of the night

I don’t think I am coming back

So far can be my home

My baby has been laid to rest

But I was born to roam

Sobering Thoughts

With you I could eradicate myself

So lost in space as if there were no ground

My self esteem was taken quite by stealth

Beneath my nose no trace was ever found

With you I was in shadow from the sun

Protection kept sobriety at bay

I learnt that I was nothing, you’re the one

Sedating me with fix to fill the day

Without remembered I can function well

Create a life and carve myself a place

A man who had descended beyond hell

Enjoys the sun kissed freedom on his face

Eradication failed and I returned

Addiction can be conquered: lesson learned

In Sane

My rockers off

Perhaps I need restart

Depression trough

Don’t want to fall apart

Control is out

I pinball through my days

I’m full of doubt

My path is somewhat crazed

But where’s the way

I’ve tried to leave insane

And every day

Confusion leads to pain

Emotion rift

I need the help of hand

My mental shift

Is riddled in the sand