War of Independence

Without you here I’ve finally become

The man who walks away not looking back

The two divide and I’m remainder one

The future parts repressive clouds of black

I ran until my very breath expired

Then took the time to find the man I am

For life had left me bruised and broken, tired

Reality was nothing but a sham

The war of independence over now

Republic not subjected to a king

Consider this my last and final bow

For you to me no longer mean a thing

I’m not confined I live without a plan

Except to be a free and happy man



So casually he walked into my space

A moment not particular in time

Removed his shoes to step upon my life

In doing so he made me draw the line

And now I have recalibrated self

Inclusion of a stranger in the plan

And though uncertain what we have in store

I want to be quite honest with this man

My flaws are many: strengths are precious few

Humane is what I need from those around

For every now and then I get it right

But errors in my life are easy found

I’m seeking one who’s failed as much as I

For those who fail know what it means to try

Big Man

The trouble is he wants to be a man

He’s overgrown his boyhood he assumes

If anger and aggression are his plan

The future very ominously looms

A man is not an animal you see

Maturity should bring a slight finesse

And if he wants to win the fight with me

He’ll always be a boy, no more no less

To put away those tantrums and those tears

And look inside to own the hurt within

For when he can admit both hopes and fears

Perhaps the days of adulthood begin

He thinks he is a bigger man than me

I’ll teach him all the ways that he can be

Two Hands

Every moment I would share

If you would let me in

Loving isn’t easy when

You feel the need to win

See a side you try to hide

I know you are afraid

Love is not a game of cards

But here my heart is laid

I don’t know the things you’ve seen

Or why you shy away

Know that if I earn your trust

You’ll pull me close one day

Lover be yourself and do

Not fear I am a friend

Hand in hand I’m here right now

And will be till the end


The constant voices stopped: Internal nagging silenced in those arms

That teach me such a lot: As stress recedes and I am left becalmed

Abandon never will: Beside me stay and hold me in the night

I love you being still: Yet strong enough to make the wrong turn right

My lover turns I see: Within those eyes are held both hope and dread

In whispered words to me: The pillow frank with nothing left unsaid

So finally I’ve found: Another soul was floating on the sea

But we will not be drowned: For still we are and still will always be

Life is Done

Make the change you want to see

Be the best that you can be

Live for now and worry less

Tidy up don’t leave a mess

Think of others you can aid

Make sure debts are fully paid

Study hard as through you go

Learning helps us all to grow

Smile more often have a laugh

Light some candles for your bath

Share with others frequently

Give your love to all you see

Count your blessings one by one

Then leave in peace when life is done