Back Yard

They key to happiness is in your own back yard to seek
But here I am so far away and feeling quite content
Perhaps the truth is each of us is totally unique
And one idea of happiness is not what others meant
My happiness I know is just for me to think about
Although I feign an interest in what others have to say
Suppose my own solution just ensures I have no doubt
I’ve always been particular preferring my own way
So I would say the key for me is keeping my life plain
Not many plans or grand designs to cause undue distress
I live each day without the future looming in the main
And when there’s only me is when my life is at its best
In solitude I travel never lonely just alone
The traveller with no back yard who’s made the world his home


Life’s a big top
So listen to the music while they’re sending in the clown

Learn to say no

Cos life’s a rollercoaster and it takes you up and down

Life’s a journey
My caravan of love has wheels that just keep rolling round


An hour to myself or maybe two
A coffee and the time to sit and drink
It isn’t that I haven’t things to do
But I afford myself some time to think
The world is rushing on at such a pace
Sometimes I feel so giddy I can’t see
I like to stop, to focus on a face
But modern life’s transacted rapidly
It looks like I’m a tortoise sitting there
No doubt I’ll never win that human race
Another man will be successful hare
For I will stop and linger in this place
No pressure in this gentle life of mine
I grant myself the precious gift of time


The sun has come and banished all the rain
And happy morning flowers in my bed
A choral dawn triumphant in refrain
The golden sunshine elevates my head
So sing along with birds upon the branch
A happy shuffle walking down the street
And tumble like a happy avalanche
Let love consume the people that you meet
I’m unreserved to summer I will spring
Come play with me on nature’s carpet green
And dance until the happiness within
Exuberant upon your face is seen
An overdose of joy and I am high
The trip I’m taking in the bluest sky

The Wednesday Child

The tale he had to tell was full of woe
The Wednesday child fulfilling destiny
Not fighting fate but going with the flow
The resignation came too easily
For in another land a different creed
Belief is so specific to a place
I’ll help this man to plant a different seed
And show him life can have a different face
With positivity the world can shine
A radiating happy sunshine day
Adopt a different doctrine and you find
That life is full of fun so come what may
Oh Wednesday just be Thursday and let’s go
So far from all the worry and woe