Life’s a big top
So listen to the music while they’re sending in the clown

Learn to say no

Cos life’s a rollercoaster and it takes you up and down

Life’s a journey
My caravan of love has wheels that just keep rolling round


If all my dreams are avenues I’ve walked
I hope the final turning brings me peace
If all my thoughts are conversations talked
The puzzle solved could win me my release
If all I have imagined could be real
My dreams would lie prosaic on the floor
If all the wonder isn’t what I feel
Then magic won’t be found here anymore
If all the truth I’m given is a lie
Those dusty dreams are trampled under feet
If all that I can do is wonder why
I guess my life will never feel replete
But if you dream and wonder what will be
You might just be the piece completing me

dead and gone

see him sometimes still in echoes
capture him in dreams
want to answer all his don’t knows
nothing’s what it seems
lost and yet he’s always present
hiding in the past
whole or maybe just a segment
die was iron cast
boy was once but i am man now
life must carry on
yet i’m still a child and somehow
hope’s not dead and gone


From rocky limestone fertile plains are seen
Below is land so flat no one can hide
Atop the mountain temple seems serene
But Buddha’s cave was used for genocide
Don’t ask about the brother who is gone
A sister just a memory these days
And some can’t talk of what was seen or done
A blessing is the past becoming haze
The golden days are still yet to arrive
Recovery so slow but it will come
Too late for many innocence has died
And having witnessed hell the senses numb
The future must be open like the plain
No red to stain the holy rock again