Blue was clouded

Muddied up

Shine became so matt

View was shrouded

Covered up

World so sudden flat

Space not crowded

Emptied out

Nothing near or far

Yet some how did

Conquer doubt

Wished upon a star



His smile it caught me mind it drew me in

Ideas profound that bubble to the top

Veneer with worry worn till paper thin

Yet in his eyes a hope that will not drop

So open as he talked of all he’d lost

The tears that glistened but were never shed

A warmth within that won’t allow the frost

The echo of so much he never said

I cannot right the wrong that he has seen

But he is more because what he knows

So many places we have never been

And hidden in the cracks a love it growsHe held my hand and everything was still

Our future is the everything we will

I took a little happy

And mixed it up with joy

My life became less lonely

With so much to enjoy

My mind was trained like body

Each smile a muscle flexed

And if you cut down sadness

Who knows what happens next

Those feelings simply choices

So exercise them well

Decide to create heaven

And that is where you’ll dwell

My life it isn’t perfect

I go both up and down

But if you just keep smiling

You might forget to frown

The lovers’ tree

If happiness were flowering right here

And joy was thriving just outside your door

A sense content might permeate the air

And we would long for nothing any more

A garden is my life I plant and grow

The toil and labour not for me alone

For everything that I so gently sow

Enables me to offer you a home

So light your jasmine eyes upon my face

My honeysuckle’s clinging so divine

This Eden made on earth will be our place

For everything is shared and nothing mine

So come and plant yourself right next to me

And we will sit beneath the lovers’ tree


So casually he walked into my space

A moment not particular in time

Removed his shoes to step upon my life

In doing so he made me draw the line

And now I have recalibrated self

Inclusion of a stranger in the plan

And though uncertain what we have in store

I want to be quite honest with this man

My flaws are many: strengths are precious few

Humane is what I need from those around

For every now and then I get it right

But errors in my life are easy found

I’m seeking one who’s failed as much as I

For those who fail know what it means to try


I think I’m lost

How can this be living when somewhere I just stopped giving

Just keep breathing.

But nothing I can offer and no pain I am relieving.

I am grieving.

All my happiness is up and leaving.

So here I

I’m left believing.

This is it.

Life is just a piece of… grit.

And everyday is one day more.

I’ll do my ten and then three score but I am lying on the floor.

And yet what light through yonder window shows.

Still have a heart like Romeo’s

I need a break

For goodness sake

I’ll give my dog eared life a shake

Shake it till my knees are knocking

Time is passing tick is tocking

Time to start and so I’ll clock in

Don’t give in

Just give out love and let’s begin

And if you fail give once again

Cos brother you aren’t lost until you think you can’t…win.