My love

My love is like an empty place

With room for me to breathe

I’m never crowded in his space

For I’m allowed to leave

My love is like the winter air

When blooms first sense the spring

And in a life that was quite bare

Are flowers blossoming

My love is strong enough to be

A bond to keep me near

And yet I feel completely free

Just knowing he is here




But it is given.


But it is shared.


But you were driven.


But you were scared.


But only freely.


But do not bind.


But don’t forget me.


But on my mind.

Sobering Thoughts

With you I could eradicate myself

So lost in space as if there were no ground

My self esteem was taken quite by stealth

Beneath my nose no trace was ever found

With you I was in shadow from the sun

Protection kept sobriety at bay

I learnt that I was nothing, you’re the one

Sedating me with fix to fill the day

Without remembered I can function well

Create a life and carve myself a place

A man who had descended beyond hell

Enjoys the sun kissed freedom on his face

Eradication failed and I returned

Addiction can be conquered: lesson learned

Blank Slates

Dear Teacher will you crush my dreams in your curriculum

I have so many questions that will help me understand

The world is so amazing but you seem to be so numb

I wonder will you help me or dismiss me out of hand

Dear Teacher I am present but the slate is turning blank

I hope you recognise that you don’t teach me what I need

My hopes were high but over time it seems they slowly sank

And school took my excitement, I no longer am the seed

Dear Teacher I am leaving yet you still don’t know my name

My life will be pedestrian my future only grey

Adventures I had longed for but my dreams you gently tamed

Canary in a cage but I won’t sing for you today

Dear Teacher were you once like me and did you dare to hope?

I see you that you aren’t living but somehow you seem to cope

Hobson’s Choice

Silence me you feel you must

Telling tolled the freedom bell

Stop my tongue remove my trust

Quietly descend to hell

Wordlessly I meet your gaze

Nothing reasoned I can say

Welcome me to end of days

Ask but I refuse to play

Piper paid with dirty cash

Music for a masquerade

Man or mouse all hope you dash

Worst of plans so careless laid

Democrat without a voice

People left with Hobson’s choice


My heart was taken gently for a ride

And lulled to sleep not noticing your way

You stifled dreams by smothering my pride

When I awoke there wasn’t much to say

Assumed that you for me would be the one

So high the price that you would have me pay

No conscience in things that have been done

To slyly fox me in the light of day

If you had only asked you’d have it all

For love is sharing, never holding back

But you preferred to play me for a fool

My heart of gold was by you beaten black

You did not steal my hope although you tried

My beaten heart still beats for me inside