The Journeyman

A wander through the backwater that day
A fly was hooked and baited on the line
The listener who had so much to say
And talked as if they owned the whole of time
Seduction of the mind a subtle art
The conversation lingered in the air
The mind is often route to find the heart
The thoughts are planted left to blossom there
The ripples of the mind that mark depart
For backwaters are places few would choose
The culmination so close after start
But what is gained we never truly lose
A chance encounter brief and bitter sweet
A journeyman will leave after the meet 

The Man

Just sixteen when he hit me in the face
A child and still at school he didn’t care
Decided he should put me in my place
For being gay though I was unaware
At sixteen hadn’t thought about that yet
Examinations loomed ahead of me
My thought was of the grades that I might get
An education sets a person free
At twenty one I saw him in the park
Forbidden fruit he likes to suck it dry
Ashamed of love he hides it in the dark
He’s in a cage but I have learnt to fly
A coward he is not as strong as me
For I’m the man that he’s afraid to be