Plant a tree

Watch it die

How can I explain

See a child

Watch it die

Can’t believe the pain

Oh sad world

Watch it die

Killed by greed and gain

Conquer hate

Watch it die

Love can change the game



First he loved me

Showed me heaven

Took me to the moon

Then he left me

Dropped so quickly

Bursting my balloon

I was angry

Wanted nothing

Tried to walk away

He insisted

Wanted friendship

What else could I say

Had a coffee

Both were civil

Talked of nothing much

Then the nothing

Endless silence

Fallen out of touch

The catch

Considered quiet and serious

He’s sitting next to me

I’m raucously delirious

We’re quite the pair you see

In opposition facing me

Perhaps it’s all an act

Vanilla cool as ice is he

And oh how he attracts

A crumpled molten mess of man

Substantial lacking style

He sees me as I never am

And shares a semi smile

Two lovers who to all intents

Don’t look as if they match

Attraction is a deeper sense

And therein lies the catch


Falling flowers

Scatter on the grass

Trembling bowers

Autumn comes to pass

Spring remembered

Winter overdue

Soon dismembered

Nothing ever new

Summer lightened

Bright the fleeting days

Senses heightened

Separating ways

Oh my lover

Take a different route

Then discover

Blossom comes to fruit

Keep It Real

Don’t ignore the pain

Allow the hurt to be

Suffer and you gain

Endure the misery

Pain is part of life

Allow yourself to live

Learn from what you get

To heal is to forgive

Everything we are

It all can be a gift

Dropping from a star

Can show you how to lift

Hurt but I will heal

Accepting this is real


The breath of hope that hurt me

For I didn’t raise a shield

Your love was a machete

That you know just how to wield

And now I’m truly broken

Where before I hid the pain

My heart was left so open

For the surgeon’s knife again

My oxygen depleted

Final cut and all went black

Aspiration was defeated

For you breathe the air I lack