The Art

When beauty walked into the room I drew
My breath and wondered had he asked for me
As if my language I forgot I knew
I stood before him struck so silently
An artist with my canvasses of lust
So huge in public gallery not hung
But beauty isn’t something art should trust
For surface isn’t where our work is done
Undress the beauty show what lies beneath
And let me draw your breath into my soul
The canvas of your heart has sparked belief
A brush of lips and I have lost control
I stripped my love and now I have to find
The art to capture beauty in the mind


My inner space so when did you appear
Intruder uninvited on my plane
For lonely gripped my fingers in your sphere
Your angle’s not conducive to my aim
A vacuum mother nature does abhor
But I am not your mother little boy
And you plus me’s not what my line is for
So I’ll divide and leave remainder joy
Subtracting you negates the need to cry
The algebra of love’s insanity
My x will never equal, don’t ask why
We shoud not meet until infinity
An integer still single in my prime
What matters is I have my space in time


I am a cunning linguist but it’s not my mother’s tongue
I’m orally fixated and there’s stories to be spun
So sit and let my dirty mouth amuse you for a while
And if it doesn’t turn you on then I am not your style
For every poet needs to find his tongue in someone’s ear
And if I can’t seduce you what’s the point of being here
I’ll nibble oh so gently but if you aren’t biting back
I think we must acknowledge it’s not poetry we lack
Though if my words can get inside and fuck your sexy brain
I know that I can spend my rhyme and I can come again
I’m not averse to pen and ink can I tattoo your heart
And if you let me cut you I can promise you’ll be art
So put your piece into my mouth and let me follow through
My cunning tongue is yours so let me linger over you

The Game

I have become the ones I used to hate
A player who’s mistaken rough for cool
I’m not a man that people choose to date
A little fish in quite a dirty pool
My confidence is terribly misplaced
A tiny little gun is all I pack
I’m trigger happy cock it in your face
I overcompensate for what I lack
This game is getting harder every day
Admit that I have never found a heart
And I have played because along the way
I never found a love affair to start
The game of love for me has been too tough
And lust has made harden and be rough


Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May
But summer breeze is jasmine in my mind
So I will ride the wind on summer’s day
My lover’s temper not the gentle kind
I’d rather be a fallen flower lost
And know the bitter taste of love gone sour
Than still be on the branch and feel the frost
And never have fulfilled my fragrant power
So take me shake me pluck me if you must
May interactions soil me in earth
I’d rather lose my purity to lust
Then die as pure as when I had my birth
The jasmine and the lilac heady scent
My fall is such a heavenly descent


Impatience is a rash
And I wish it were contagious
A bulging in my pants
That is really quite outrageous
Can we go straight to bed
I could kiss your mouth for ages
Throw caution to the wind
Be unwise we are not sages
Your body next to mine
Let’s be naked and courageous
Let love and lust entwine
For desire will not contain us
I lose my self in you
I am decadent and shameless
There is nothing I won’t do
For with you my heart is blameless