The memory

In difference we are similar

Unique is commonplace

But I remember all of you

How time had lined your face

The moment was an age ago

But memory is fresh

The conversation to and fro

The thoughts allowed to mesh

We passed and life it parted us

We both have travelled far

And yet I feel you here with me

And I am where you are

In distance we are ever close

I feel your eyes meet mine

And though each moment is unique

We’re never lost in time


The moment

If you can take a moment from your day

Allow yourself the time to deeply breathe

And you will find the troubles that can weigh

May lighten and then ultimately leave

Experience the joy in being now

No thought of what has passed or is to come

The time is yours whenever you allow

The things you need to do will still get done

Imagine if you did this every day

To slip into the moment and to feel

Experience your self another way

The power’s in yourself to mend and heal

The breath of life so simple and so pure

And in the moment you need nothing more


The breath of hope that hurt me

For I didn’t raise a shield

Your love was a machete

That you know just how to wield

And now I’m truly broken

Where before I hid the pain

My heart was left so open

For the surgeon’s knife again

My oxygen depleted

Final cut and all went black

Aspiration was defeated

For you breathe the air I lack


His smile it caught me mind it drew me in

Ideas profound that bubble to the top

Veneer with worry worn till paper thin

Yet in his eyes a hope that will not drop

So open as he talked of all he’d lost

The tears that glistened but were never shed

A warmth within that won’t allow the frost

The echo of so much he never said

I cannot right the wrong that he has seen

But he is more because what he knows

So many places we have never been

And hidden in the cracks a love it growsHe held my hand and everything was still

Our future is the everything we will

The Journeyman

A wander through the backwater that day
A fly was hooked and baited on the line
The listener who had so much to say
And talked as if they owned the whole of time
Seduction of the mind a subtle art
The conversation lingered in the air
The mind is often route to find the heart
The thoughts are planted left to blossom there
The ripples of the mind that mark depart
For backwaters are places few would choose
The culmination so close after start
But what is gained we never truly lose
A chance encounter brief and bitter sweet
A journeyman will leave after the meet