Capitalist City

Noise. Chaos. Dirt.

Its capital and everyone is free

Loud. Stubborn. Hurt.

Live for yourself and do not think of we

Proud. Selfish. Strong

I’m all right Jack I’m out for number one.

Dark. Evil. Wrong.

When dog eat dog is how to get things done


Dirty Money

Hello mister welcome to my city and my land

Want to go to college but my family is poor

Can you help me I will love you anything you want

You can even do that but it costs a little more

Sorry but I think you chose the wrong man for your scheme

You just want my money and you think I’ll pay for love

Let’s just say my eyes are open wide and now won’t shut

Pushy men whose empty hugging feels more like a shove

Understand that you are poor and I must look so rich

Culture difference maybe and I know that I am old

Cash for sex is dirty money I refuse to pay

You are not that pretty boy if I can be so bold

Money boys you’ll never know the ugliness I see

Lusting for the dollar but you never look at me

Tables and Benches

Sleeping on a bench
He is just a child
Growing up alone
Growing to be wild
When he is a man
Haunted by his youth
Look him in the eyes
Tell the bitter truth
Saw but did not act
Knew but did not care
Passed him sleeping rough
Had but did not share
Life is not a game
Life is so unfair
Tables could be turned
What if you were there

The Farm

And blowing in the wind is where the answer's meant to be
But I was blown to here and back by what you said to me
The wind of change was Mary Poppins landing in the street
So give the starving tuppence if you have enough to eat
The question is our future and it's dangling by a thread
But Damocles has gone and you're the thing I left unsaid
The double hedging bet was lost and all we have at stake
Are bleeding hearts the Queen of Tarts will liberally bake
How many roads I walked with you yet never at your side
The wolf who blew my mind but somehow left it all implied
I'm on the road to nowhere but the making sense has stopped
Cause Maggie's farm's reality when rabbit holes are dropped
Some people never see the ocean others wash ashore
Imagine all the people then consider them no more

In A Fix

I was once a man like you devoid of woe and care
Life has worn me down and now I almost never where
Lights are shining, life is lived, I let it pass me by
Hiding in the dark my only want is getting high
Junkies are created from mistakes we all might make
Judge me if you like but I have nothing much at stake
Loss is just a luxury I’ve nothing left to give
Scum upon the earth and I do not deserve to live
I was once somebody’s son a mother’s pride and joy
Half a man but once I was a sweet and happy boy
Now I am the son and heir of half a gram of junk
Floated in nirvana when I woke I had been sunk
Steal the shirt from off your back and sell the family jewels
When you’ve hit the bottom you don’t live by little rules
Don’t you understand that I can play so many tricks
Why because I sell my soul to get another fix

Two Men

His skies of blue so beautiful were focusing on me
The skin of milk upon his face has known a life in shade
He looked at me so dark the midday sun has tainted me
For in the muddy fields is where my daily labour’s made
He doesn’t really understand why poverty exists
Believes it could be different but he’s thought and never deed
As if his disapproval or the clenching of his fists
Is all that is required to alleviate my need
His hands do not get dirty if they did he’d realise
To look and see what’s wrong is not the same as making right
A man of action he is not he can but theorise
He ponders while I’m working from the dawn until the night
He dreams of a utopia while everything remains
The whitest man with eyes of blue that sun will never stain

Grim Reaper

And being here has made me realise
How little I can know of being poor
The different views of undeveloped eyes
Expectancy of what life has in store
I dream about equality on earth
But sadly this is not what I can see
For some are privileged by place of birth
More accident than meritocracy
The filthy rich consume all they can get
The dirty poor try simply to survive
And the middle liberal and wet
A poet musing why he gets to thrive
The poor man’s seed will sow a life so cheap
It’s time to change the grimness of the reap