But it is given.


But it is shared.


But you were driven.


But you were scared.


But only freely.


But do not bind.


But don’t forget me.


But on my mind.



In my ears your tales were told

In whispers under sheet

In those arms a gentle fold

In you I am replete

In the morning passion spent

In dreams we ran away

In your kisses heaven sent

In happiness we lay

In the future we will meet

In dreams until that day

In the meantime lover sweet

In absence fond I lay

Son: being not

Delighted in just being not

Well, what did you expect?

Created man from childhood which

Was less than circumspect

A parent should many things

And present is a start

But you took leave of absence and

A void became my heart

Return in blaze of glory but

I don’t know who you are

But in this heart of darkness you

Are not my shining star

And I have learnt that love can come

From people I select

So don’t call me your son because

You made me circumspect


You enter in where eagles fear

My agent truth or dare

A shaken stirred and bottles spun

And we are god knows where

I’m taking down the lines behind

For you are at the front

And what is fair in loving wars

When none is innocent

So leave me in the lurching sea

Deserted by your shore

For better is the worst of times

When wisdom wants for more

Two Hands

Every moment I would share

If you would let me in

Loving isn’t easy when

You feel the need to win

See a side you try to hide

I know you are afraid

Love is not a game of cards

But here my heart is laid

I don’t know the things you’ve seen

Or why you shy away

Know that if I earn your trust

You’ll pull me close one day

Lover be yourself and do

Not fear I am a friend

Hand in hand I’m here right now

And will be till the end

Happy Back

Time to get the happy back

Had enough of blues

There are many tricks you know

Techniques you can use

Seize the day and make a plan

Take a little walk

Meet a friend and have a chat

Always good to talk

Take a swim in waters fresh

Make a healthy meal

Tell yourself you’ll be ok

Feelings are not real

Have an early night so that

You can get some rest

Take care of yourself and soon

You’ll be at your best