The breath of hope that hurt me

For I didn’t raise a shield

Your love was a machete

That you know just how to wield

And now I’m truly broken

Where before I hid the pain

My heart was left so open

For the surgeon’s knife again

My oxygen depleted

Final cut and all went black

Aspiration was defeated

For you breathe the air I lack



The never being hurt was what was hurting

Protection that became Achilles’ heel

The pain of not allowing to believe in

Reality is something we can feel

And so this time I know that I am falling

But hope that you are there and so I drop

I listen and I think I hear you calling

Not knowing if this love is start or stop

I’m on the line and I am not withdrawing

What’s in my heart I’ll share with you today

One smile and like the lark my spirit’s soaring

I’ll say three little words and come what may

I love you and I want to start the journey

And if you feel the same let’s share the ride

Let’s bid farewell to careful and to lonely

Together hand in hand and side by side

And maybe this will be love everlasting

Or we might sink before we learn to swim

Together in this net that we are casting

To drown unless our love can pull us in