Empty street is where I’m driving

Destination still unknown

Traffic light on path less taken

Far away and yet I’m home

I remember life before was

Roundabout and indirect

So I ran and left you standing

Taking just my self respect

Many ask me how I manage

Solitary on my way

But no longer in confinement

Freedom has a price to pay

Onward journey I’m departing

Ever moving never still

Won’t be numbed in colder comfort

Driven by an iron will


Moving On

You lied to me


Then said let’s still be friends

I’m standing here

And mesmerised

You think that’s how this ends

Each word you said

Was fantasised

I don’t know who you are

So fare thee well

I’ve realised

From you I must go far


First he loved me

Showed me heaven

Took me to the moon

Then he left me

Dropped so quickly

Bursting my balloon

I was angry

Wanted nothing

Tried to walk away

He insisted

Wanted friendship

What else could I say

Had a coffee

Both were civil

Talked of nothing much

Then the nothing

Endless silence

Fallen out of touch

Still the Lips

The story on the block today

Say mister have you heard

The grapevine is in overload

And on the street is word

To take and then insinuate

The truth so easy bends

And if it’s good you’ll wonder why

You ever knew such friends

That rumour is a filthy lie

No fire so why the smoke

The message that is given out

No more a funny joke

But you who play the victim now

How often have you spread

A careless word or half baked truth

So easily you’re fed

So think before you stab a back

In houses made of glass

The way to stop the rumour spread

Is still the lips that pass


Falling flowers

Scatter on the grass

Trembling bowers

Autumn comes to pass

Spring remembered

Winter overdue

Soon dismembered

Nothing ever new

Summer lightened

Bright the fleeting days

Senses heightened

Separating ways

Oh my lover

Take a different route

Then discover

Blossom comes to fruit