Oh my lover I am lost for words
The everything you give to me and more 
I could total up and make list
But you are not a man who’s keeping score
Winner for I put my trust in you
But you have loved me even I’m lost
Say that we are equal and well matched
And on your heart my name you have embossed
Love with you was never wild and loose
An all in order well considered ride
And every day I know that when I wake
You’ll be the man who’s always by my side
Lost for words and yet I want to say
I love you more with every passing day

Back Yard

They key to happiness is in your own back yard to seek
But here I am so far away and feeling quite content
Perhaps the truth is each of us is totally unique
And one idea of happiness is not what others meant
My happiness I know is just for me to think about
Although I feign an interest in what others have to say
Suppose my own solution just ensures I have no doubt
I’ve always been particular preferring my own way
So I would say the key for me is keeping my life plain
Not many plans or grand designs to cause undue distress
I live each day without the future looming in the main
And when there’s only me is when my life is at its best
In solitude I travel never lonely just alone
The traveller with no back yard who’s made the world his home


Life’s a big top
So listen to the music while they’re sending in the clown

Learn to say no

Cos life’s a rollercoaster and it takes you up and down

Life’s a journey
My caravan of love has wheels that just keep rolling round

To hold

When everything is new I just need something I can hold
The sands are shifting keeping me unsteady on my feet
My life is an adventure like a rug it will unfold
A flying carpet’s magic but the ground would be a treat
And I could change my way and just return to life before
The safety belt routine it has its pluses don’t you know
The nine to five the office nothing less and never more
The life I had was good but now I’ve places I must go
So I will struggle on I think it’s worth it in the end
To conquer situations that I never thought I’d see
And if I ever come back home I hope that you my friend
Will see that though I’m different I’m a different kind of me
For I had never dreamed that I would ever get so far
And when I need a hand to hold I think of where you are