Empty street is where I’m driving

Destination still unknown

Traffic light on path less taken

Far away and yet I’m home

I remember life before was

Roundabout and indirect

So I ran and left you standing

Taking just my self respect

Many ask me how I manage

Solitary on my way

But no longer in confinement

Freedom has a price to pay

Onward journey I’m departing

Ever moving never still

Won’t be numbed in colder comfort

Driven by an iron will


The moment

If you can take a moment from your day

Allow yourself the time to deeply breathe

And you will find the troubles that can weigh

May lighten and then ultimately leave

Experience the joy in being now

No thought of what has passed or is to come

The time is yours whenever you allow

The things you need to do will still get done

Imagine if you did this every day

To slip into the moment and to feel

Experience your self another way

The power’s in yourself to mend and heal

The breath of life so simple and so pure

And in the moment you need nothing more


I’m half way to the moon and back

I’m lost in outer space

I’m running till I lose myself

And find a better place

I’m lone but I am not alone

I have a dream to hold

But it was not to be with you

And so I leave the fold

I see you do not understand

Which only proves me right

For you are scared of dark

I am a creature of the night

I don’t think I am coming back

So far can be my home

My baby has been laid to rest

But I was born to roam


The breath of hope that hurt me

For I didn’t raise a shield

Your love was a machete

That you know just how to wield

And now I’m truly broken

Where before I hid the pain

My heart was left so open

For the surgeon’s knife again

My oxygen depleted

Final cut and all went black

Aspiration was defeated

For you breathe the air I lack

Sobering Thoughts

With you I could eradicate myself

So lost in space as if there were no ground

My self esteem was taken quite by stealth

Beneath my nose no trace was ever found

With you I was in shadow from the sun

Protection kept sobriety at bay

I learnt that I was nothing, you’re the one

Sedating me with fix to fill the day

Without remembered I can function well

Create a life and carve myself a place

A man who had descended beyond hell

Enjoys the sun kissed freedom on his face

Eradication failed and I returned

Addiction can be conquered: lesson learned