The Dawn of the Everyman

The clouds had cast their net across the sky

To catch my sun and stop its early rise

And weather done by god knows who or why

A beauty hit me square between the eyes

It dawned on me as yellow orange red

Of morning smeared quite natural yet so high

That I could stay forever in my head

And never question what has gone awry

The truth is an observer not a star

This bed I’ve made is where I constant lie

I’m here but I’m not going very far

A second rate and very Cold War spy

Yet beauty finds the everyman at last

So clear the cloudy peel away the mask



Contemplating all I never was

Reflecting on the paths I didn’t take

Cogitating what and if because

Perception of the self is what’s at stake

Steps I’ve taken wonder were they go

A merry dance that somehow landed here

Worry in my head and yet I know

That nothing can be worse than what I fear

Time to put a stop to all this thought

Procrastinating traps us in the mind

Clear my head and take a little a walk

The joy of not quite sure what I might find

All I never was will never be

And thus I am a human being me

Love: For Sale

Honestly there’s nothing kept within

Window is the everything I own

Looking deep will not bear hidden fruit

Everything already has been shown

Wanting more the disappointed eye

Meeting then so subtle comes the drop

Two dimension not a fuller form

Every start is grinding to a stop

Superficial man I feel so plain

Flight was grounded yet I see you soar

Hero was another one than I

Less you didn’t want and he was more

Shop but no one ever comes to buy

Window stacked with offers cheap and high


Creator of the lonely: kept within

A drug to kill and yet to cause the pain

In isolation: ward away the sin

The hold of loss as if it were again

To push away and not to move toward

Rejection an injection to the vain

The nothing is caressed forever flawed

Such hurt inflicted just to void the pain

Regret begets a cycle to despair

A spinning wheel so watch the finger bleed

The soul is in coma from which where

To fail is looking better than succeed

Will not be waken with the purest kiss

Decision made and so prefer to miss


The bells were ringing sound of my alarm

But caught by breeze my caution whisked away

And like bracelet stripped of subtle charm

The gold was tarnished by the end of day

The clock it struck me right between the eyes

A thought was lost in time I’ll come to see

And in my sight it plainly was disguise

I’m anyone as long as I’m not me

Esteem I limbo under at the bar

Each glass more rosy hued as down I fall

From there to here is not so very far

My back desires the prison of the wall

They’re calling time last order is my rite

Beloved I will sink into the night


So casually he walked into my space

A moment not particular in time

Removed his shoes to step upon my life

In doing so he made me draw the line

And now I have recalibrated self

Inclusion of a stranger in the plan

And though uncertain what we have in store

I want to be quite honest with this man

My flaws are many: strengths are precious few

Humane is what I need from those around

For every now and then I get it right

But errors in my life are easy found

I’m seeking one who’s failed as much as I

For those who fail know what it means to try

He (a younger man)

He didn’t know how could he ever see

His doubting self had clouded up his view

And who am I to tell someone like he

That everything he knows is slightly skew

Inside himself there is both love and pain

He chose the one that gave him no release

He wants to lose he fears there’s nought to gain

But that’s a way of thinking he should cease

So infinite the love we have inside

No need to ration we have lots to share

He thinks there is a source that can be dried

But I will try and show him how to care

He needs to love himself instead of hate

For all he is is there and there will wait