Take of me and drink

In my vices sink

Plunder in the dark

Penetrate my heart

Fuck away the sin

Lose yourself and win

Deep and dirty grime

Lust is not a crime

Pure but slightly soiled

Orifice is oiled

Put yourself in me

And forever be

In my vices sunk

Taken conquered drunk



In my ears your tales were told

In whispers under sheet

In those arms a gentle fold

In you I am replete

In the morning passion spent

In dreams we ran away

In your kisses heaven sent

In happiness we lay

In the future we will meet

In dreams until that day

In the meantime lover sweet

In absence fond I lay

Gin: a cautionary tale for men

Obstruction to seduction was concocted from a farce

Temptation for libation when the devil’s in his cups

Create an expectation of a moment from the heart

Distraction his reaction was he couldn’t get it up

Perfection is construction made so solid and so true

Dejection of erection for his head was going south

Repulsion and revulsion at the option offered out

Rejection of suggestion to revive it with my mouth

Not fiction this depiction of an offer from a hunk

Prevention of intention to unite us in his bed

Sedation is vexation with the snoring of a drunk

Retraction of attraction is what happened in my head

No motion in the ocean when there’s gin inside the hold

And caution not contortion is the tale you have been told

Love and War

So long apart forgotten the delight

The war of words has crumbled in my sheets

The running battle by a kiss was stilled

Exhausted head upon the breast that beats

His eyes they didn’t shine so bright before

But in my bed he lit the way back home

And in his tangle found myself released

His arms that feel as they’re mine to own

We lose an hour then an hour more

And in the loss of time we find a start

For he is on my bed and on my mind

My name I will tattoo upon his heart

The war is over let the love begin

I fought and lost and yet somehow I win

Morning after

The clouds of morning slowly start to clear

And waking up I wonder who you are

The bed I’m in not mine it would appear

Last night I went but not too sure how far

I wonder if you even know my name

The details lost yet here we both are laid

Two players why indulge in silly games

Yet here I am in tangled sheets unmade

You wake and smile and look a bit bemused

The sleepy eyes can’t focus well at first

And then you try to hide that you’re confused

Suggesting that we both have slept with worse

We share a smile and everything’s all right

Then do what we forgot we did last night

Testing Time


Something broke inside

Fear they cannot hide

Only for the ride


Now they need to speak

Answer theirs to seek

Into private peak


Took a little test

Putting minds at rest

Tidy lives were messed


Stranger turns to friend

Tale has happy end

Broke together mend


So vulnerable and trust is thinly laid

On friendship that is criminally new

Potential is on either side displayed

Compassion in the little things they do

The darker truths are shared inside the bed

The needs and wants, desires to be met

But each one from the other will be fed

And nothing seems to be a problem yet

Together in the world no sense of shame

The public face protects the deep within

For love and lust are such a complex game

And who are we to judge or label sin

They tie and bond as closer they become

As if the heat can forge these two as one