The look he gave was one of such disdain
As if he caught a whiff of open drain
He promised he would never come again
I stripped the sheets from bed where we had lain
He thinks that I’m to blame for his desire
That somehow I ignite eternal fire
That burning in his groin will not expire
But I am just a fan to take it higher
The thing he can’t abide is found within
Discomfort lurks beneath that perfect skin
And what I think is beauty labelled sin
He sees himself as lost for giving in
Compassion is the love that I will show
This hate of self a pain I also know

The Art

When beauty walked into the room I drew
My breath and wondered had he asked for me
As if my language I forgot I knew
I stood before him struck so silently
An artist with my canvasses of lust
So huge in public gallery not hung
But beauty isn’t something art should trust
For surface isn’t where our work is done
Undress the beauty show what lies beneath
And let me draw your breath into my soul
The canvas of your heart has sparked belief
A brush of lips and I have lost control
I stripped my love and now I have to find
The art to capture beauty in the mind


If love can never be completely cured
This man’s best friend will bear your marks and scars
Perfection blots, reality was flawed
And so your heart was locked behind those bars
Outsider I am now without desire
Security you cherish, I decline
You pushed me down and grasped for something higher
Our paths diverged for you were never mine
Success you crave and adoration too
But only from the straight and narrow life
We could have built an empire, me and you
But all you really wanted was a wife
My pitch is queered and I am all alone
A dog, so all you offer is a bone

Nothing More

So beautiful he came and asked my name
And rained his compliments upon my head
He said that we were very much the same
I couldn’t quite believe the things he said
Apparently his family is poor
He wants the chance to someday go to school
He offered me his body nothing more
Request so sordid made me feel a fool
So I declined the business he transacts
He laughed and said I was so fat and old
I can’t imagine life with all he lacks
Or how a man must learn to be so cold
The money men for sale but what a price
You know not what it is you sacrifice