I stumbled over words and grazed my heart
I thought I saw the truth within a rhyme
But writers can’t trusted for their art
Is just to sweeten cheap and hackneyed line
Comparison to summer’s day is trite
And music often feeds the love we lost
I think that love requires a second sight
And rides that fall are rarely worth the cost
Remember love’s a verb a doing word
It’s not a state that we recover from
A writer’s actions should seen not heard
And love is not three minutes in a song
Unbreak my heart for it is carved in wood
If words are all you have then you’re no good



Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May
But summer breeze is jasmine in my mind
So I will ride the wind on summer’s day
My lover’s temper not the gentle kind
I’d rather be a fallen flower lost
And know the bitter taste of love gone sour
Than still be on the branch and feel the frost
And never have fulfilled my fragrant power
So take me shake me pluck me if you must
May interactions soil me in earth
I’d rather lose my purity to lust
Then die as pure as when I had my birth
The jasmine and the lilac heady scent
My fall is such a heavenly descent


If all the world’s a stage why can’t I hear applauding crowd
Ridiculous the farce of life confess I’ve lost the plot
The silence is quite deafening and it is not allowed
To bring the velvet curtain down and dark the lighted spot
The audience are restless how they wanted something more
Another show is where they’ll go now appetite is whet
The pound of flesh I offered lies unwanted on the floor
My labour was unloved and lost in tears of blood and sweat
The what to be and not to be I’ve yet to understand
The Ides of March are brutal so please put away your blade
The tide is coming in and I am sinking in the sand
My character is flawed and this is how my life is played
If all the world’s a stage I wish that I could sing and dance
But life has no rehearsal so I had to take a chance